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Happy Halloween two days early...

...Yeah so I'm a few days early, big deal. ;) I don't know if I'll have time to post on the actual day. Not that I'm really doing much that day besides going to work. I'll probably just be handing out candy to the trick or treaters and then watching some scary stuff on TV.

Have my Daniel drawing all ready to send out to Chris tomorrow - via Priority Mail (so hopefully it will not get lost, Chris!). I guess an autograph is better than nothing - though still annoyed that I will probably never be able to see MS again. No really, I'm not bitter...

Speaking of the con, heard from the friend I'm going with so we'll be speaking soon about departure time, etc. Even though I'm disappointed that I can't see MS OR JF (he is coming now, but on Sunday and I can't really go...*sigh*), I'm still psyched about this. It's going to be fun putting faces to the screen names of my Gateworld friends! And still looking forward to seeing Teryl, Colin, Jason and Carmen. A bunch of us have written some short Jacob-centric drabbles for him and I'm going to give them to him when I go up for autographs. Supposed to be a b-day present (his b-day was this past Friday). Hopefully he'll like it and the Creation people won't be ogres snatching it away from me and not letting me give it to him...

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

Halloween Horoscope for Pisces

You tend to go for traditional, if not a bit historical, Halloween themes.
Candied apples, pumpkins, and warm cider make you excited each year.

Costume suggestions: An evil sorceress / sorcerer or a renaissance pirate / wench.

Signature Halloween candy: Candy corn

Wow... that thing is right on the mark...those are my preferred costumes, heh heh... (though never really liked candy corn much)
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