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02 March 2017 @ 09:26 pm
SPN #12x14 The Raid (episode guide)  
I'm exhausted and in the middle of an allergy attack at the moment :P ...so here's hoping this will make some sense...

Sam looked incredibly hot in this episode...and I loved seeing him so badass killing the vamps! AND using the Colt on the alpha vamp (more on that later, too)!

It was really bugging me how unlikeable they've been making Mary, the way she went behind the boys' backs and lied like that. I was glad they confronted her in the beginning. Dean was so pissed off, he even started referring to her as "Mary" instead of Mom. And her rationale for working with the British MOL...she wants the world rid of monsters so the boys can have a normal life. I don't know what to think of that. On one hand, I can understand her being involved in that life and not wanting that for her kids (although hadn't John said the same thing to them at one point? I think at the end of S1 he told Sam he wanted him to go to school and he wanted Dean to have a home...and also in IMTOD he told Dean he put too much on his shoulders and made him grow up too fast), but as Sam said, he chose this life.

And then after that we see Dean in Classic Dean form, trying desperately to find a case to take his mind off this. Sam seems to want to give Mary a chance, but Dean is still pissed. I felt so bad for Sam when Dean accused him of trying to be the peacemaker, first with Cas and now with Mary, and then tells him to pick a side.

Sam does meet with Mary and leaves Dean a note that he went out. He gets to see the BMOL's operations. Meanwhile, BMOL Ketch drops in on Dean, has a drink with him and gets him on the vamp case.

The BMOL might think they're cool with their way of doing things, their micromanaging etc, but it turns out they're pretty piss poor with actual fighting (not to mention security). Guess they didn't really count on what the alpha vamp could do. And what a weird twist that that hunter guy turned out to be working for alpha vamp. Speaking of which, it was awesome seeing him again - Rick Worthy always did a great job with him. Needless to say I was sorry they had to kill him off. It was a pretty nice touch though that Sam and the other BMOL guy kind of teamed up to get the Colt loaded with the bullet.

As pissed off as Sam and Dean were with Mary, it's obvious they still loved and worried about her. I thought Dean's excuse at the end, about how he was worried about Mary seemed kind of...forced, almost unbelievable. And I wasn't too thrilled that he didn't say anything about being concerned for Sam....though, Sam did say that Dean didn't know he was there. Maybe I'm missing something...

I'm kind of worried there will be more friction between the boys now, especially when Sam told the BMOL guy that he's in and when asked about Dean he said "...Give me some time." Is Dean going to have a huge problem with working with these guys? Is it going to be Sam and Mary vs Dean now? I guess I'm getting ahead of myself and should just wait and see what happens.

Again the highlight of the ep for me was watching Sam kill all those vamps. Woo-hoo :D
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Liliaethliliaeth on March 3rd, 2017 04:16 am (UTC)
I have no problem seeing Dean work for someone, if he trusts them. it would probably be comforting for Dean to be able to hand over control and take orders, the way he did with his father. The problem is that Dean only gets really rebellious when the people trying to give him orders have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.
darkdreams1222: adam blakedreamsofspike on March 3rd, 2017 04:02 pm (UTC)
I found it kind of satisfying that the BMOL had to come face to face with just how ill-equipped they are for actual real-world fighting the supernatural. But I like Mick more after this episode, loved how he and Sam worked together - and I think that kind of impressed Sam a little bit, too, like... okay, they kinda suck at actual hand to hand, but this guy's at least a quick thinker, and come on... how many fellow hunters/civilians/etc have THEY lost over the years? :(

I could almost see Sam thinking about that when Mick was like, "We really can do better than this, this was a really bad day", like Sam thinking kinda... Yeah, we've had OUR share of "bad days", too. :/

I do get Mary's reasoning. She NEVER wanted this life. It's in her blood, it's seemingly inescapable, but the last thing she ever wanted was for her boys to grow up hunters. She said it was the "worst thing she could imagine". So if the BMOL are showing her a potential way to END this conflict for her boys, once and for all... yeah, I see her going for it.

That said, once again Jensen knocked it out of the park in his scenes at the beginning of this episode. He was breaking my heart and I completely got where he was coming from when he was talking to Mary. I flinched when he CALLED her "Mary", though. :(
Yellowbulmayellowbulma on March 6th, 2017 12:28 am (UTC)
Now this was much better the last week's snooze feast.

12x04, 12x11 and 12x14 are my fav eps so far this season.

That opening though!!! Jensen and Jared knocked it out of the park this episode. Jensen in the starting scene and later Jared's reaction to the colt. My heart.

I will admit I cheered when Dean said Mary but it was still a heart breaking scene.

Being honest but I rolled my eyes so fucking hard when they said they "had the best Winchester." Lmao no you have the only Winchester that will work with you. BTW not saying Mary isn't a good hurting but that's not go over broad and the fancy tools help.

Sam was badass and loved how he got to not only use the colt (Dean normal get's to use it.) but kill such a big bad. The alpha vampire is such a great and a well acted villain (thats hard to get now *cough* Lucifer *cough*) I will miss him.

I liked Dean and Ketch's talk lmao Dean just wanted the drink.

I hope with the truth being out I start to like Mary again.

I knew for months Sam would be the brother to work with the BMOL's. I just hope the writers dont have Sam keep it from Dean.

Also even though I don't trust him, I did kinda like Mick this episode too.

Next week we are back to the ep being full of side characters -____-

But at least Sam and Dean will be wearing glasses and there is a hellhound

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