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SPN #12x15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (episode review)


Okay, to start with...that young couple in the it bad that I was almost rooting for them to be killed when the hellhound appeared? At least the guy, anyway?

And um, how does Sam know Dean's been wearing the same underwear for 4 days?? LOL, I'm sure the Wincest fans have that covered. Sam gets wind of the case and says it's from his phone...yeah, I know where he's getting it from, and wow, I hope there won't be fallout when Dean finds out he's lying (and no, I know there wasn' much as I was fearing, but I'll get to that later). Also caught a shout out to JDM in that scene...heh, cool :)

The part where Sam gets off the phone with Mary and Dean gets off the phone with Cas...please tell me I heard this wrong. It almost sounded like Dean said "I love you too" ?? Or maybe it was just "You too" and I heard wrong? If not then ugh, I think I'm staying away from fandom for a bit because the Destiel fanatics are going to go insane. Please, please tell me that's not what was actually said?

I did think it was odd that a hellhound would go after either of those kids...they were quite young as it was, and to have made a deal (both of them) that young seemed a bit out of the ordinary to me (yeah, I remember Bela but still...). I wondered how they were going to address that, but it was just a case of some rogue demons letting her free?

Mark P is still awesome and once Lucifer got free I almost thought oh boy, now he's going to be out there and the boys & Crowley will have to team up and stop him. I wasn't sure if they'd go back to it and lo and behold it turns out Crowley had something up his sleeve after all. He basically had him warded inside his vessel? Never heard of that before...

I almost can't believe 12 years later, Dean is still freaking out about Baby, thinking Sam is going to wreck her by driving her, lol...didn't this get old about 7 seasons ago? ;)

One thing that made me kinda laugh was Crowley mockingly imitating Dean, lol

Loved seeing the "hellhound-vision" glasses again, especially on Sam. Yes, please! And Badass Sammy taking out the hellhound!

So, in the end Sam admits about working with the BMOL. Honestly I thought the fallout would have been greater, a way I'm glad it wasn't because I'm tired of there being rifts between the boys, working against each other and all that. I know Dean doesn't totally trust them still, but he was right when he said they don't always work with people they totally trust, and brought up Crowley. I just hope it doesn't end up biting them in the ass. He said that as soon as things go south, they bail.

Yeah, I didn't mention Cas because I really don't have much to say. Some angel guy trying to convince him to go home to Heaven and he looks like he might be considering it. Hmm.

That's about all I got. I found some if it anticlimactic to be honest...think the best part was from the shallow end (again wearing the glasses and I thought Sam looked particularly yummy the whole ep).
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