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SPN #12x16 Ladies Drink Free (episode review)

Please make sure you read my disclaimer before flaming me, lol...

Disclaimer: Most people who know me know that I am NOT a fan of Claire, and I am not shy about expressing that. If that bothers you, please stop reading. Thanks.

Yes, I expected Claire to be saved. Yes, I was not thrilled about it. This character ticks me off because she's always come off as a snotty teenage brat. I have no patience for people like that. Also, to me she really doesn't have any redeeming qualities, except for her devotion to Jody and Alex, I guess. She's always come off as pretty Mary Sue-ish. I saw a BTS video with Dabb and Singer for this episode and they proclaimed her a "fan favorite." Okay, to each their own but I do have to wonder how many people are really huge fans of it mainly the diehard Cas and/or Destiel fanatics? Maybe teenage fans who identify with her in some way? I'm genuinely curious. If you love this character I mean no disrespect, really...It's just that as someone who has tried to like her but can't, I'm curious as to why she appeals to people, that's all.

Okay, that rant's over, sorry about that... Anyway, I wonder what's going to happen with Mick now. He still does things differently from the way the boys do it, but I guess this was kind of a learning experience for him. He did decide not to kill Claire right away and instead at least restrain use that experimental blood cure on her. I wonder if there's going to be some conflict between him and the other British MOL or if he's going to eventually fall back into line with them and go up against the boys. I noted Dean's distrust of him throughout most of the ep (though I rolled my eyes when he described him as Sam's BFF or whatever it was when he was snarking to Claire about them), but it looks like he came around just a bit at the end there.

One more thing about Claire: I felt sorry for Sam having to be paired up with her. Calling him a "Skeezer", really?? And then whining about them treating her like a stupid kid...I actually yelled back at the screen "but you ARE a stupid kid", lol. She still wants to hunt alone and she drives off into the sunset alone...hmmm, anyone think there's a spinoff in the works? I hope so...not that crazy about seeing here on SPN.

That's about all I have. It wasn't the worst ep I've ever seen, but she really knocks it down quite a few notches for me. Oh, well, at least the boys were pretty. :)

Oh, one last thing: The werewolf guy with the cape and Scream-esque mask? Lame! Oh, and they're finally airing previews for the next episode again! Yay!!!
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