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SPN #12x17 The British Invasion (episode review)

I have so much to say about this one, I hope I don't forget anything...

To sum this up: Wow. Lots of crazy shit.

That ruthless Doctor Hess at the academy...that actress was on the show before, wasn't she? I think she played Layla's mother in Faith back in season 1.

Honestly, it kind of sucks that Mick had to die. He thought he was so beholden to the "code", but he was really showing promise in the end...Sam and Dean were rubbing off on him and I was so glad he didn't kill Eileen. Sure, it still upset him that he had to kill his friend like that back when they were kids (seriously, what kind of sickos make kids do that??) but he did learn from the boys too.

The fact that it was Ketch who killed him...and that he has a "thing" with Mary....all I can say is, hmmmm. And I'm still not happy with Mary. I wonder what will happen if she finds out that the BMOL are out to kill her boys. Huge battle royal?

I liked seeing Eileen again. She and Sam had some more cute moments. Aww. :) I am worried about her, though. She's gone back to Ireland and the BMOL have a bounty on her head, too. I guess we probably won't find out, though I'd rather that than finding out that they killed her off too.

I kind of feel bad for Kelly, but this is not a good situation. That doctor she went to for the sonogram? I so called it early that he'd end up dead. Dagon's words were chilling, too, about how giving birth to a nephilim is fatal.

Mark P is still awesome. Pretending to be subservient to Crowley, but we really know what he's doing...wink wink. I almost can't believe that Crowley doesn't suspect anything, though Luci just might be that good at faking it.

So we end in a bad place: The one guy who could have become an ally to the boys is now dead, killed by the guy who's working with their mother...And the head bitch wants them exterminated. Hoo boy.

Yeah, that's about all I got.
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