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13 April 2017 @ 09:23 pm
SPN #12x18 The Memory Remains (episode review)  
Wow, this episode...

The whole thing with "goat dude" was actually kinda ... creepy.

I liked that this one seemed a lot more like an old school episode, circa S1-3 in quite a few ways, if you ignore the BMOL stuff of course. We got good old Horndog Dean hitting on girls and Sammy doing research.

I thought something seemed a tad off with the sheriff, but things DEFINITELY seemed off with Pete, the meat factory guy who turned out to be his half brother. That guy was out for revenge in a big way. And then he chooses Dean as his next sacrifice to Moloch.

I loved that Sam came in and saved the day, killing Pete and then Moloch with the Colt, saving both the sheriff and Dean. Love Badass Sammy. :)

So the BMOL were making them think that Mick actually sent them that case. And then they go through the Bunker cataloging everything (to find out "how Sam keeps his hair so shiny and how many ratty flannels Dean has..." Yeah, okay...*snerk*) and trying to find the Colt. I'm so glad the boys had it with them. Ketch finds the photos and sees the one with Mary....and that seems to be his weakness.

I loved, loved, LOVED the scene at the end when they get back to the Bunker and are talking about their legacy, what will happen after they're gone and if people will remember them (though that did make me feel kinda sad, truth be told). I liked Sam's comment about how they left the world better than they found it. And then the carving of their initials into the table, interspersed with the scenes of them as little kids doing it in the Impala (as referenced in Swan Song). Gah. Such a lovely moment!

And let's not forget that Ketch had the placed bugged. And he hears what Dean says about him...yet he keeps thinking about Mary. Let's hope that his feelings for her will be enough for him to spare them. *is nervous*
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Yellowbulmayellowbulma on April 16th, 2017 02:56 pm (UTC)
Being honest, I found the goat mask not scary at all and was kinda pissed we didn't even get a real look at the actual God. We just saw his hands and back.

Still pissed about Mick and I called it when Ketch was looking at the pic of Mary that he's starting to like her and he's going to want the boy's out of the way even more because they are holding her back.

Sam getting another big kill was sweet as fuck. Keep it up writers.

The best scene in the ep was the boy's writing their names on the desk. Me and some other fans where talking on Tumblr and we are convinced now that something is going to happen to the bunker.