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SPN #12x19 The Future (episode review)

Posting this later than usual as I was out at a business dinner meeting and got back pretty late. I don't have much to say about this, but I will caution that if you're a Cas fan and can't take any criticism, please turn back. I don't want any flames here.

First I am getting tired of Castiel's continuous "poor pitiful me, I need so badly to redeem myself" act. Yes, it's good that he is owning up to his carelessness in letting Kelly escape in the first place, but this is too much IMHO. I was glad that the boys confronted him about ignoring them all this time and it was nice to see Dean pissed off and not willing to let it slide (Sam too, though to a lesser extent I guess, as we've come to expect). Especially after Cas stole the Colt (but would Dean really be that careless to have it under his pillow??).

Kelly is delusional the way she kept going on about the baby and how wonderful everything will be if he's allowed to live. I guess he was brainwashing her and now Cas is as brainwashed and delusional. I was actually hoping the three of them would haul their asses up to Heaven and stay there. *grumbles*

And the way he left the boys out cold there in the end? Yeah, this is just crazy. Does this whole setup remind anyone else of the end of season 6 when he was also being very shifty? I wonder if something similar will happen here. Oh and isn't an interesting coincidence that Sam predicted the baby would be born on May 18th, the day the season finale is supposed to air? Or is that the 25th and maybe the baby will end up being a week late? I can't remember at the moment.

The only thing I appreciated about this ep was the eye candy (both boys looked yummy, especially Sam) and the Stargate geek in me thought it was cool that Amanda Tapping directed this one...though I wish she'd been given a better episode to be honest...oh well.
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