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SGA #4.19 The Kindred Part 2 (episode review)

I guess I'll just start off with "wow...."

I really missed Carson.  Even if this isn't really "Carson" Carson....

I was really trying to figure out what was going on with Carson.  At first I thought maybe he was from an alternate reality, especially after he had expected things to be different.  Then I thought maybe he was like RepliWeir from "Be All My Sins Remember'd." 

I did have some suspicions that he was a clone, but I didn't really know what to expect before Keller confirmed it.

I really liked Rodney's interaction with him... the almost relieved "it's good to see you," the hesitance when Clone!Carson wanted to talk to Elizabeth, and later on the almost bickering (and let's not forget the whole "the Carson I knew wouldn't be feeling sorry for himself, he'd want to make a difference" (not exact quote, but close I think)).

I had a sneaking suspicion that Michael was behind this.  I could see him taking cells from Carson and cloning him while he was held captive.  And it was confirmed when he wanted to shoot Michael but couldn't because in some way he still responds to Michael.  It was sad to see him deteriorating but I liked the fact that he wanted to persevere in tracking down the info they (he and Keller) needed. 

We get to see Halling again! I have to admit it was a bit weird seeing him again after so long... I mean it's been since S1 right? He looks so different now. And what happened to his two boys?  Maybe they are staying with someone else (or they were also captured but we just didn't see them)?

I liked how Teyla tried so hard to get through to Ka'non and it looks like she was succeeding, only to have Michael ruin it.  I am really intrigued about this whole arc involving her child and Michael's plans for it... especially the fact that both Teyla and Ka'non have the gift so that will mean the child is "special." Hmm.... special in what way?  I really really hope this isn't going to be the exact same thing as what we saw with Adria on SG-1. It sounds like Michael will want to experiment on the child and create some kind of super villain or ally to help him do whatever it is that he wants.  I just hope the child won't be a male version of Adria if they actually do decide to go that route.

And just what the heck did Michael inject Teyla with?? Was it something to help induce labor? Or some kind of nutrients intended for the child?  I assume we'll find out at some point.

I guess it was expected that they'd put Carson into stasis.  It does make sense now that I've read that Paul McGillion won't be a regular next season but will just make a few appearances.  I'd try to make a few guesses on what they'd have planned for him.  I wonder if they'd try to unfreeze him thinking they had a cure but it turns out to be something else and it leads them to return him to stasis.  Have no idea but I am interested to see how they'll use him next season.

Ronon almost looked like he'd tear up after he hugged Carson. That gentle giant. ;) Loved John assuring him they'd get him out of this, and promising Carson they'd bring her back (I'm assuming he was talking about Teyla?).  And of course Rodney wouldn't be Rodney without his awkward goodbye (which he admits isn't a goodbye but more like a "see you later", echoing their talk from Sunday a bit).  I love the way he mentions he could try programming some dreams for Carson so he'd be playing golf up in the Highlands with some blonde masseuses (or something to that effect)... heh. ;)

So Carson is effectively a popsicle.  Is it just me, or did that scene remind anyone of Jack being put into stasis in SG-1's "The Lost City"?

Looking forward to next week's episode.  Will now go and catch the rest of the SG-1 airing... Lockdown.  Heh... nice Sam/Daniel and Jack/Daniel interaction (oh and Teal'c/Daniel as well).  Loved his "Who shot me??" to Jack. ;)
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