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02 March 2008 @ 06:43 pm
Random Stuff (mostly fandom related)  
Today I took in the flower show at one of our local nurseries.  It was very nice; saw some lovely flowers (but sadly didn't bring my camera), fell in love with a nice new fragrance (Spider Lily), and picked up a few plants.  It wasn't as extravagant an affair as it was last year, but still very nice.  Unfortunately I had to leave after a while because my PMS started rearing its ugly head and I started feeling a bit weepy and depressed.  That's long gone now thankfully.

Yesterday I picked up the new issue of Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis) magazine, the one with MS, AT, and BB on the cover (with the interviews inside on the 2 movies).  A few spoilery things I'll hide behind a cut...

Very interesting interview with Tim Guinee who plays Tomin.  He apparently didn't even know what Stargate was all about when he first got involved in it, because he lives in an old farmhouse in the mountains of Upstate NY (hmmm.... which ones I wonder... the Catskills or Adirondacks?  No I'm not gonna try stalking him so don't start worrying!! lol).  He was amazed at the number of people who were familiar with the show.  He also said how much he loved working with the cast, especially CB and even CJ.  He also gave some info on AoT - that they tie up some loose ends to sort of deal with Vala and Tomin's relationship.

AT talked about not only AoT but also Continuum.  She said that Sam and Teal'c really don't do anything in AoT, but she said that Sam, Daniel and Cam are very involved in Continuum. She talked a bit about what it was like filming those scenes in the Arctic as well.

CJ had a few jokey things to say in his interview. He mentioned that we would see a different Teal'c in Continuum.  He was asked if it would be like what happens to Daniel and he replied something like "no, not of the missing limb persuasion"... lol

CB's interview was pretty good too.  When talking about Unending she said that she and MS felt they had to have Daniel say all those things to Vala, to wonder why he would ever get involved with her before starting anything with her.  She joked (at least it sorta seems that way to me) that he's not the least bit interested in her - that she talks too much and something about her...er...anatomy being quite large only during the last season because she's nursing her baby. 

As for MS' interview... well some of what he said was pretty interesting.  He made this funny comment that he would never really say goodbye to Daniel, that he'd be in an asylum rocking back and forth and saying  "But Jack - this is the way I feel about it. What do you think?" lol.  I pretty much skipped over his comments about the D/V thing because I don't really have much interest in it; sorry but that's the way I feel.  One thing that did stick out for me - and I may be making a big deal of this - is that lately (like in the past couple years or so) he keeps referring to the Sam character as "Carter" instead of Sam.  Has he always referred to her that way? Because I do remember past interviews where he'd said "Sam" instead.  To me it seems like something disrespectful, that it shows his contempt for the character or something.  I know he refers to Cam as "Mitchell," but I expect that because Daniel himself calls the character "Mitchell" instead of "Cam." But he's always called Sam, "Sam," not "Carter" (except for one or two S1 eps, but that was early on).  So does anyone think he's doing it out of contempt or disdain for the Sam character and/or AT?  I obsess over things way too much, I know.... sorry :(

Didn't really read the Beau Bridges interview because I'm not really a fan of Landry. I don't hate him but I think he could have been written better.  Did like the Julian Sands interview. I love him as the Doci but then again I'm biased because I do like the actor.  I remember him from Stephen King's "Rose Red." *grin*

Anyway there were some nice pics in the magazine... the Daniel/MS ones were nice, as well as the cast pics (like the one of MS, AT, BB and CJ with the arms around each other and smiling), and for my own personal interest 1 or 2 pics of Daniel and Sam. :)

Oh, and another up side to that magazine... there was a nice ad in it for the Supernatural magazine. *grin*

And speaking of that, I will have some new artwork to share soon. I've made a LOT of new icons, headers and whatnot since my last artwork post, so look for those soon. 

I'll also have a new LJ header soon.  I'm working on something that will pretty much showcase most (or hopefully all) of my different fandoms, all in one place.  I have one version that I quite like but I'll be working on a few more.  I'll probably unveil it in a few weeks, the closer we get to Spring. 

And somewhat related... I now hear that the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) may go on strike? *puts head in hands* Jeepers, we just got through one strike and now we'll have to contend with another? I was watching TV yesterday and there was a little news blurb about this, saying it could affect production in the summer on new TV seasons.  I'm not taking any side in this; not the actors' side or the studios' side.  I just really hope they can come to some kind of agreement.  Don't they see what this past strike has done?  You'd think they'd want to avoid another one.  I really hope this can be avoided.

And finally... I think my muse is returning.  She forced me to answer this prompt on the sg1_five_things comm, the "Five times Sam and Daniel went out together (five things they did as friends or on a 'date')" prompt.  They're supposed to be unveiled tomorrow so when that happens I'll post a link here to it.  Thanks to maevebran for giving the heads up over at the S/D thread at GW. :) 

I've also got a little idea for a Supernatural fic.  It's not much, just a tiny little plot bunny and I'm not too sure if it could work.  I'll do some more brainstorming though and see if it can go anywhere.

Guess that's about it... the PMS is also making me really tired so I'll probably call it an early night. 
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maevebran: S+DUptoNoGoodmaevebran on March 3rd, 2008 08:16 am (UTC)
One thing about the possible SAG strike- They want what the writters got- to be paid for internet usage of their work. The studios still want to not pay them for promotional use. I understand the desire, so I support them.

I couldn't let the Sam/Daniel prompt go by without letting you know *grins*

I've seen like three spoiler picture from Continum that have Sam and Daniel togeather (And there are outfit changes) So I can only assume they spend some time togeather in that film.

jessm78: hairsprayjessm78 on March 3rd, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
I remember reading something along those lines a while back, and I guess it does make sense. I just hope that they will be able to come to some kind of agreement. And if not, that this strike won't last as long as the writer's strike did.

And I really appreciate that. :D I was thinking of posting it on fanfiction.net but it's unbetaed and I don't think they allow list-type entries there (although I think I remember reading one like that not long ago).

*grin* Yep... as for the outfit changes, you're talking about the one pic where they're in civvies along with Cam right? I am looking forward to that movie. I belong to that repro network board and there's a lot of cool promo pics/stills for it.
maevebran: S+DUptoNoGoodmaevebran on March 3rd, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
I hope we avoid a strike too. (As long as SAG gets a fair contract.)

I think you can post a five things at FF.net.

I belong to th Repro thing too. I'm talking about the Desert outfits and the one with them in leather jackets and green fatigues talking to the Russian soilder. No Cam in sight.=)
discodiva76: The Wondertwinsdiscodiva76 on March 3rd, 2008 08:25 am (UTC)
"So does anyone think he's doing it out of contempt or disdain for the Sam character and/or AT?"

In my opinion an emphatic NO....I don't think Michael would ever hold any characters of a show he's been involved with for 10 years in contempt and I feel he'd always treasure his friendships with AT and all the other cast members over the years....I hope from the 4 times I've met him that I'm not a poor judge of character but I can't see him ever losing that bond with them all, even if their careers and personal lives take them far away from each other.......

Interviews on paper can be odd things....and the one thing I've noticed in this fandom is how different fans read the same article and draw completely different conclusions from it....for someone like me who enjoys ALL the aspects of the Stargate franchise it's getting harder and harder to enjoy the fandom with it's petty disagreements over "ships", lead characters, time on screen, whose doing better since the end of the series, etc, etc....I just watch it for fun and to appreciate every single one of the actors, writers and technicians for their hard work behind it...and escape into a great little world for an hour or two!!

Of course I can't comment personally on the interview as I haven't read it yet....however I'm looking forward to when we here in the UK get the mag but we always have to wait a month or more after the US release...*sighs*...as usual - I sometimes think that they completely forget about the wide support for Stargate in the UK and Europe.....I know I shall enjoy reading it when I get it though...

I bet they all still love each other to bits and I'm sure he's absolutely thrilled for AT and the success of Sanctuary as he is as delighted to be involved with Chris and RoA.....so I'd not let a few lines in an interview get to you Jess....{{{{{hugs}}}}}

Deeds xx

Edited at 2008-03-03 11:42 am (UTC)
jessm78: sam/daniel hugjessm78 on March 3rd, 2008 01:16 pm (UTC)
(((Deeds))) thanks for giving me your take on this. I think a big reason for my silly issues with it is all the gushing Michael has done over CB. Then to speak in (what seems to me) less glowy terms about AT's character, and hardly at all about those of BB or CJ (and even RDA) disappoints me a little. I remember some interview he'd done just over a year ago where he was praising Vala/CB a lot, and then mentioned some other storylines they'd done in S10. He'd said something like "there was a story where... what the hell is her name again? Carter... [laughs] ...where Carter goes to an alternate reality." I realize now that it's not such a big deal but at the time I wasn't too happy about it. Plus there was the fact that 1 or 2 D/V shippers (no one on my f-list... this was at GW and I believe one of them had been banned) were saying things like "I think he likes Claudia better." *rolls eyes*

Which brings me to this... you're right... it is sad that such petty things can divide a fandom so much. The words or actions of a few individuals can snowball or spiral out of control and it creates bad feelings. I'm really not trying to foster that in any way. I guess it's just disappointing to me to hear some people referred to in such a 'blah' way in comparison to others.

I'm probably being overly presumptuous, but it makes me wonder if he doesn't speak too highly of RDA, AT or BB's characters because he doesn't interact much with them on screen. He spends a lot of screen time with CB so he has more to talk about. Not that I'm dissing him in any way...but it's something that I've been wondering about.

But thanks so much for the hugs. Sadly this is what happens to me when I PMS... I tend to think to much and obsess over trivial things. I need to pay more attention to my calendar and refrain from online activities during that time...lol. But still I appreciate the support. :)
discodiva76: Conversediscodiva76 on March 3rd, 2008 01:26 pm (UTC)
My take on it goes two ways....first off I think of the 8 years he already had with Amanda, Chris and Rick before the others came along, and the great stuff they've done together in interviews and at Conventions and I know I can always enjoy looking at the pics and finding the odd gem on YouTube....As nice as Claudia is, I doubt he'll be working with her as long as he has with the others, either on screen or outside at various cons.

Secondly, his sense of humour seems to me to be very "British" - which can range from completely infantile to very dry and sarcastic, which of course I find absolutely wonderful and hilarious.....we Brits are known for our toilet humour, satire and self-parody and I think the Canadians have adopted this style much more so than the Americans, but possibly it doesn't always come across that well in an interview situation, especially the written word...I have found sometimes that some of my US friends just "don't get me", if you see what I mean?....I have a feeling that maybe Michael might be a bit like this too.....this is in no way a slight on my lovely US mates but our humour is sometimes like chalk and cheese!!...*winks*

As for the fans, well at the moment I'm sorta pissed off with quite a few in the Stargate fandom as a whole....and I mean from ALL the genres, covering fic, ships, actor appreciation (or not), character studies, fandom events...you name it, Stargate is not my "Happy Place" thanks in the main to over-zealous fans who want to take over, impose their own views and refuse to see other points of view, and throw a strop when they don't get their way...*snark*....I ADD THAT THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY OF MY LOVELY FLIST ON LJ THOUGH!..{{{{{{you lot}}}}} for keeping me reasonably sane! LOL!!!

I really want Michael to succeed in LA...I want him to break away from the Stargate mould and have some success on his own....but no matter what happens, I think he'll always love his friends, long-term and new......

Deeds xx

Edited at 2008-03-03 04:30 pm (UTC)
jessm78: jack/danieljessm78 on March 3rd, 2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
You know, you're right... and it can be so easy to forget that sometimes when it seems eclipsed by other talk in more recent days. That even though Michael's chemistry with Claudia is hyped a lot, he has very nice chemistry with Rick, Amanda, and Chris as well. It's one of the things that always made me laugh - when a very new fan of the show would obsess over the D/V scenes and say things like "I can't ever see him being that funny with (or that worried over, for example) Jack or Carter or Teal'c." Well of course you can't because you haven't seen the earlier eps! Not that I'm dissing all the new fans of course - I'm sure there are people who think this way and have seen the earlier eps - but those who haven't and they say things like this... it just makes me laugh. Not that everyone isn't entitled to their own opinions...

Ah yes, I get ya. ;) One of my Canadian friends, it took a bit of time for me to sort of "get" her humor when we first met. But now everything is fine. *grin* So you think that Michael was probably being a bit self-effacing when he said that? Like a sort of "oh, I can't believe I'm not remembering her name... I worked with her for 10 years!" thing? I guess I could see that.

I understand. I've met some gems within the fandom (most of whom I converse with right here *hugs f-list*), but lately some people are just making me a bit weary of it. Again, that's NO ONE here on my f-list! Just at various places. When that happens I have to step back, get more involved in places where I have more fun and interact with friends. And I've been involving myself in a few other fandoms - which as sad as it sounds, offers a nice break from what I've experienced in this one.

Not to say that I'll ever give up the Stargate fandom 100%. It'll always be with me. I'll always watch my DVDs, read the books, write fanfiction, etc. I just have to take some much needed breaks every so often.

I agree, I'd love to see Michael have some success in Hollywood.