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SPN #13x01 Lost and Found (episode review)

Just a few thoughts on this one. Please bear with me as I'm really drowsy from allergy meds at the moment so I may have skipped a few things or gotten something wrong...

Jack seems like an interesting character so far and it's no surprise that Dean is wary of him and thinks he's evil ('cause that's basically the norm for him) and that Sam wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. It seems as if Jack isn't totally in control of his powers. He even asks Sam to tell everyone else that he's sorry. Also I wonder if they're trying to paint some parallel between him and Sam, the way Sam had his psychic abilities early on.

The drunk girl (who turned out to be an angel hunting for Jack) reminded me of my neighbor in back, especially when we first saw her. Seriously, that's exactly the way she talks.

So Cas seems dead for good but I'm assuming that won't be the case, even though they had him on the funeral pyre. If he can't be brought back they'll probably get him from that other dimension where Mary and Lucifer are. Speaking of which, I wonder how Lucifer is going to use her...maybe as a bargaining chip to get Jack back? I guess we'll see.

That's about all I've got. I'm falling asleep from the meds so good night everyone.
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