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SPN #13x03 Patience (episode review)

So the MOTW in this one is a wraith. I thought when the boys dealt with them the first time, Dean ripped their horn off and it killed them. So that no longer works? They can just grow the horn back? Maybe I missed something at some point. It's been ages since I watched older episodes.

I've been hoping for the longest time that they'd bring Missouri back. I wish Sam had been able to interact more with her, beyond a phone call in which she thought he was John Winchester. Her interaction with Dean was not exactly what I was expecting either, especially after the way she acted toward him last time (although, yes, I know that was a long time ago and I suppose the circumstances didn't allow for it). The whole story behind her son cutting her out of his and his daughter's life was really sad. And yes, I'm not happy that they killed her off. I know it's to set up that whole premise - or at least Patience's part of it - for the Wayward Daughters spinoff (which I still have no interest in watching...sorry), but I don't like that she had to be sacrificed for it.

Despite the fact that it would have been nice to see Sam involved in the main plot, I liked his scenes with Jack. I can understand Jack's frustration about what Dean told him and then having Sam try to get him to move things with his mind. I know the boys were going to have a blowout like that at the end. Can just imagine how Jack feels hearing all that. He's got a beef with both boys now, it seems...and so who does his thoughts turn to?

Oh look, there's Cas lying in black nothingness. Apparently Jack is trying to bring him back. Who's surprised?

That's pretty much all I've got.
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