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SPN #13x07 War of the Worlds (episode review)

Before I start, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American friends! I hope yours was good. I just spent mine with my parents (luckily my uncle didn't show...he's completely bonkers and it's stressful more often than not whenever he's here). As for this episode...

Geez, jam-packed and with a star-studded cast, lol. We've got AU!Kevin who seemed much like the real Kevin when we first met him, all "I'm doing this because I have no choice because I'm a prophet" but geez what was he on? I guess Lucifer was onto something when he referred to him as meth-head Kevin.

So now Lucifer is back and with not much grace left. He wants Cas to help him find Jack. And of course Azmadeus aka Evil Colonel Sanders is after Jack too.

And now Ketch is alive too! He wove a yarn about being Ketch's twin brother but Dean's not buying any of it. So it turns out he survived because of that device Rowena had. Hmmm... And turns out he's working for Evil Colonel Sanders too now. Gah, my head hurts. Lol. They're really stacking the deck against the Winchesters.

And through alll this... Where's Jack??

Oh and lest I forget how very much the angels still bore me. When that one (Huma?) told Cas they're almost extinct I nearly said out loud "Good! I can't stand you anyway. Leave already!"
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