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SPN #13x09 The Bad Place (episode review)

As I've said before, I don't know why I keep posting these as no one obviously reads them. You probably will be pissed off after reading what I have to say anyway, maybe not so much about this episode but about an aspect of the show in general. Let me preface this by saying if you disagree that's fine and of course I mean no offense. This is all just my opinion.

What I did like was how Jack made it clear that Sam, Dean and Cas are his family, and that Lucifer apparently means nothing to him. I was glad that he told off the d!ck angels (rant coming up about them, just to warn you). I also liked how Patience went to warn Jody at the end. I assume this is going to segue into Wayward Daughters. And finally, I like how Jack ended up in the other world with Mary and I wonder what is going to happen as far as that goes. I assume it's Michael who has her captive?

What I didn't like. Oh boy. Hunker down.

I really didn't care much for Kya or however her name is spelled. I didn't find her quite as annoying as Claire, but... Okay this is probably going to piss a lot of people off, but again it's my opinion. I'm kind of getting tired of the whole "look at me, I'm a troubled young person who's just so misunderstood and is a total victim but I really am a good person" type of character. And yes I can hear you saying that Sam is one of those, but when the show first started, it was not portrayed in the same way as it is now. It just comes off as so cliched. Back then we had Sam and the other special kids, and maybe it's because the characters were richer, more fleshed out and interesting? As things are now, they seem like cookie-cutter type characters. I would say it started with Claire. Then you can add Alex to that, and now Kya, and I suppose Patience as well (although I like her character a little more...not sure why exactly). I really have zero interest in the spinoff. I like Jody but the only way to get me to watch it would be if Jensen and Jared made a guest appearance in an episode. You can say I'm not being fair and I should give it a chance, but as it stands I'm not nearly as excited about watching SPN as I once was, and I like the premise of the spinoff (as well as the characters) even less, so I've made up my mind.

I also didn't like the d!ck angels. I am so tired of their storyline already, and IMO they just looked stupid the way they kept striking the floor with their blades to undo the sigils (so they can do that now too?).

Can't say I liked or didn't like the end where Sam and Dean apparently ended up in Jurassic Park. I was just like "Um...okay?" there.
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