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SGA #4.20 The Last Man (episode review)

Sadly this review is not going to be very in depth or detailed, due mostly to the fact that my #@$& satellite signal cut out quite a few times because we are in the middle of torrential downpours.  Please bear with me here.

Interesting premise for this episode, from what I was able to see anyway.  Kind of like SG-1's "1969" but in reverse...sort of.  John goes through the gate and supposedly a solar flare makes an appearance, but sending him far into the future instead of back.  About 48,000 years.  He ends up in a totally deserted and stifling hot Atlantis command center.  The ocean has turned into an arid wasteland.  Ooh, creepy.

John thinks he's all alone till he hears Old!Rodney calling him on the radio.  Er... Hologram!Old!Rodney, I guess.  They banter a bit and at times seem like an old married couple. Heh. 

All I have to say is that this version of the future sounds so maddeningly bleak.  Teyla is dead, killed by Michael apparently because he had no further use for her after her child was born.  They couldn't stop Michael in his nefarious plans and he spread that virus (or whatever it was) to the humans.  Keller tried to save them but she could only do what she could.

Sam has a new ship, the Phoenix.  She tries to take out the ships and goes down fighting.  Literally.  Two of Michael's ships close down on her.  The crew is going to be beamed to safety.  Sam tells them to go, that a gate is within reach (or something to that effect).  One of the crew says to her "what about you?" She says "I'll be right behind you." Hmm... that sounded eerily familiar to the scene in SG-1's "The Quest Part 2" when Daniel was holding Adria at bay and told SG-1 to get to the 'gate (esp. with Sam telling him "we're not leaving you here" and he said "I'll be right behind you").  Just thought that was interesting.  She manages to take out 3 ships in the explosion and is killed herself.  Man...

Back to John and Old!Hologram!Rodney.  The barometric pressure on the planet starts falling rapidly and wind speed is increasing. This means a storm is coming.  Rodney says the sun is dying out.  But, John reasons, wouldn't that mean it would get cooler? Rodney corrects him and explains that the sun is expanding as it's on its way to becoming a red giant.  In the process the atmosphere of this planet will disintegrate.  He speculates this will happen in about 500 years. But wait, he's supposed to keep John in the stasis pod for 700! How then will they reconcile this?

Well, gee, I don't know, because right at that very moment my satellite signal decided to cut out!! Wheee!

It comes back on about 5 minutes later and we see Ronon on some-or-other planet with Todd, who is trying to stop Michael.  Michael has brought the Wraith to their knees.  We get some footage of him capturing the Wraith Queen, beheading her and then showing her head around to any interested spectators (is it weird that I started snickering when I saw this? The head looked like a bad Halloween mask or

Commercial time! Wow - my satellite signal behaved so I could see some awesome commercials, like that KFC one, and that Verizon one with that nerdy "Can you hear me now?" guy.  Then it decides to cut out again before the show comes back on.

It's out another 5-6 minutes at least.  It comes back on as we see Old!Rodney on Earth talking to General Lorne.  Ooh, Lorne's moved up!! Kewl :D  They talk about alternating the future or the timeline, or something like that.  When... you guessed it... my signal goes out again.

It comes back in the midst of more commercials.  Once those end, we see the Atlantis gate room... apparently the "real time" one.  John comes back through the gate.  He thinks he knows where Teyla is.  They gate to that planet, Rodney finds a whole bunch of cool doohickeys of Michael's in an area that looks like it'll be used as some kind of nursery for the child. 

They walk into a booby trap. Things start caving in and we end on a wide shot with "to be continued" displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

And thus this season ends on a cliffhanger.  Wow, not only am I curious to see how they escape this, but I'm also curious as to just what went on while my wonderful signal was out. 

So there you have it.  Out of a 42-minute episode I managed to see/record about 30 minutes.  I knew we were expecting bad weather tonight into tomorrow (they're talking of ~ 3 inches of heavy rain), but I didn't expect it to interfere with the tv signal.  Luckily it's coming back on at midnight so I'm going to try recording it again. Hopefully the signal will behave and I'll be able to get the full broadcast.  I'm crossing my fingers.

ETA:  Managed to catch the midnight showing and record it.  Luckily the weather held out so no interference or anything.  I ended up enjoying this episode. Great way to end the season IMHO and I'm looking forward to next season. :)
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