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25 January 2018 @ 09:20 pm
SPN #13x11 Breakdown (episode review)  
Um okay, if anything I'm about to say pisses you off/triggers you or whatever else, please do me a favor and hit the Back button on your, browser...don't leave me a flaming comment, thanks

I have to admit this episode didn't go over too well with me. It just seemed really dark, and ... heavy?

I liked Donna in the beginning but I'm kind of getting a little bored with her character. It's so obvious the way they're pushing her (I mean, she was just in the previous episode FCOL, and it's not as if this one is a continuation of that) it's for the spinoff and then having Doug leave her in the end sets up for her and Jody to be taking care of those girls with nothing or no one holding them back.

Nice red herrings with the pastor guy and the one asking to wash their car windows. But did we really find out how/if the pastor was involved since they found the girl's shirt in his car? I know they were saying "Oh maybe it was planted there?" Did they ever find out if that was the case? Or was this something we should just assume?

The cashier guy at the truck stop was an easy guess from the creepy way he was acting and the FBI guy was a little harder to guess, but I wasn't too surprised that he was involved, with the way he was so insistent on joining them. The whole thing about kidnapping people and auctioning off their body parts was pretty gruesome...I really don't like things like that.

I was a bit surprised in Sam's behavior, sleeping in so late and all that. Nice little pep talk from Dean about how he's there for him and how they will find Mom and Jack. But what Sam said at the end bothered me, about how it's only going to end bloody. I wonder if that's foreshadowing in a way for the very end of the show. I hate even thinking about that.
Yesica1993 on February 26th, 2018 12:47 am (UTC)

I am way behind. Sigh.

Thanks again for these. If not for having skimmed this before watching (which I am having to do more & more often these days) I would've shut it off at the part with the pastor guy. I loathe that sort of thing. But I guess it was somewhat okay, since he ended up not being the monster. Though, he was still a creep. And as far as I could tell, they never resolved how the bloody shirt got in his car. I got used to that sort of thing with the X-Files. They'd have entire episodes of major plot point stuff and the next week it was like nothing ever happened. My brain is too tired to figure things out anymore!

That ending scared me too. Darn, but that was depressing. I was going to say, let's see if the next ep is a bit brighter. What am I thinking? This is SPN!

ETA: Ha! I was wrong. Next ep is lighter/funnier. At least, as far as I've gotten so far. Whew. Thanks, writers!

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