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SPN #13x12 Various & Sundry Villains (episode review)

I um...actually kind of liked this one.

The witch sisters Jamie and Jenny made me roll my eyes most of the time. Their acting seemed pretty bad in spots, especially when they were whining to each other about wanting to bring their mom back. I don't know if this was done deliberately so we wouldn't care when they were finally taken care of in the end.

I didn't know Amanda Tapping was directing 2 episodes this season. Cool.

It was nice seeing Rowena back, she really has a knack of making her own death look faked. She's her usual double crossing self. I liked her conversation with Sam in the car about seeing the true face of Lucifer. It was nice to get more of Sam's POV and learn that this was something he still hasn't gotten over. He sympathizes with her over this and of course tears out that page of the book for her. I wonder how smart that really was (even though he did tell Dean he would kill her if she did go bad as a result). Was that spell indeed one that will protect her from Lucifer or was it something more? The way her eyes glowed blue at the end when she cast the it supposed to be in contrast to Lucifer's glowing red?

Speaking of which, I didn't really have much interest in the Lucifer & Cas scenes. At least they've broken out but then they got into their cat fight outside and Cas stabbed Lucifer. Did he just seriously wound him or did he actually kill him?

Nice to see a bro scene at the end and Sam admit his worries to Dean about everything (Jack, Mom, etc) and Dean reassuring him they will find a way... "you and me" :) Sam of course seems unconvinced still but it's good to see them on the same page, more or less.
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