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SPN #13x15 A Most Holy Man (episode review)

Well, I am back...after getting hit with yesterday's storm I was lucky not to lose power, although we may get hit with yet another one on Monday (really hoping not, there are so many people in our area struggling to recover and this would just be way too much). Anyway here are my thoughts. I couldn't follow here and there because I had a snoring beagle next to me (LOL), but I think I got the gist...

This episode kind of felt like an old school one, like something I'd almost expect from season 3-ish. Can't really put my finger on why, but it really did seem that way.

Wow, second episode directed by Amanda Tapping this season!

Some good lines here and there, like Dean talking about Sam's Disney Princess Hair cushioning his blows to the head, lol...And the fact that he'd resort to murder if someone stole the Impala, followed by a dead serious face.

The idea of them looking for the ingredients to that spell basically on the black market was interesting. It led them on a wild goose chase of course.

I liked the priest and his conversation about having faith. They were so pissed off with the Greenstreet guy saying he made it up about having the blood of a holy man, when it turned out the priest himself was dubbed a "most holy man" by the Pope. So they DID manage to get what they needed in the end. At first I wondered if that was just a bit too easy, but they have had a record lately of looking for stuff and coming so close only to get set back, so I guess it was time enough. Actually this whole idea of them going after these ingredients reminds me of season 5 when they needed the rings from the horsemen.

I loved how it was just the boys at the end talking and Sam admitting how they keep doing this, trying to stop apocalypses and wouldn't it be nice if they just didn't have to do that. He asks Dean if he thinks they can and it's obvious that he's worried. Dean seems like he's still thinking of the priest's words and says he has faith.

And that's about it. Nice kind of thoughtful turn here.

March 29th. Oh. Um...Jinkies? That's all I'll say. LOL.
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