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SPN #13x18 Bring 'Em Back Alive (episode review)


Another busy myth arc episode. We've got (*counts on fingers*):

1. Sam & Castiel with Gabriel.

2. Dean and Ketch in the other world.

3. Lucifer and Jo in Heaven.

4. Colonel Sanders in pursuit of Gabriel.

Don't get me wrong; I've always kind of liked Trickster/Gabriel (except for the retconning thing in the first place...and of course what he put Sam through in Mystery Spot), but the fact that all these characters are being brought back now kind of cheapens things to me. I think it's getting a little crazy. It was nice he dispatched Colonel Sanders though when he tried to kill Sam & Castiel, and now he doesn't want to be involved with them. It looks as if they're going to try and get him to work with them anyway eventually.

Speaking of characters coming back, Dean finds an AU Charlie and he gets all soppy telling Ketch that she was like a sister to him, that she did so much for him and Sam. Um, did they really think of her that way? Maybe I'm has been ages since I watched season 10, although I do remember them being upset after her death when they burned her body, so... Anyway I'm glad she didn't go back through the rift at least and I guess we may find out what happened to her and Ketch if they're ever able to open the rift again.

Lucifer and Jo were a yawn for me. We saw what was expected: Luci being pissed off that people don't look upon him favorably. Jo strikes a nerve and he attacks her, so she leaves. Whatever. I guess he's just going to be focused on finding Jack.

So Dean gets back and finds out that Sam & Castiel used Gabriel's grace up to heal him. He's really pissed off because it now means they won't be able to open the rift again. Does anyone else think they will find Gabriel again and somehow get some of his grace anyway to open it up? I haven't seen any spoilers but I wouldn't be surprised to see this (sadly hardly anything in this show surprises me anymore). I know Dean hates when they get so close and something slips from their grasp, but how many times does it seem that they end up succeeding in the end anyway?

That's about all I wanted to say. I didn't expect this to be so long but there were so many different parts to this, which I suppose proves just how "big" this show has been recently (and yes I kind of miss the days when it seemed simpler).
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