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SPN #13x19 Funeralia

I just wanted to post a few thoughts on this one.

Lol, Jessica the reaper mentioning all of Sam's hair care products.

Billie's "See you again soon" to Dean was interesting. I wonder if that was foreshadowing in any way.

I really, really, really do not care about the angels. As cool as it was to see Amanda Tapping back, we can add Naomi to the list of deceased (or whom we thought were deceased) characters who are suddenly back. I wonder if this season will be the record in the number of such characters returning.

Not sure how believable I find Rowena being so desperate to get Crowley back that she goes on this killing spree. She never really seemed too broken up about him before, unless it's one of those things where she loves & misses him dearly but won't show it. It's also interesting that it seems Sam is the one who's supposed to kill her. Wonder if that will actually happen and if so what the circumstances will be.

That's about all I've got. I'll be back on Thursday for the next episode, unless the CW decides to air another baseball game, lol
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