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SPN #13x21 Beat the Devil (episode review)

Have to admit there were a few things in this episode that I wasn't expecting.

The scene in the beginning at the bunker with everyone together you just knew wasn't real, and it's pretty sad because it looked like Sam and Mary were going to have a nice little scene together. Of course it was just a dream of Sam's and it's obviously something he really wishes to have, which makes it even sadder :( I'd love for them have some nice interaction together but the way things have gone so far I'm not expecting it in the least.

I had to roll my eyes at Drunk!Lucifer at the bar with that Harry Chapin song in the background (I think they played almost the whole song too, ugh, what a dreary thing that is). I was not expecting what Gabriel and Rowena did to him (it almost seemed to me like there was a scene missing in between, or maybe I just missed something since my beagle girl distracted me for a second). It was very clever, though. I was glad Rowena didn't lower her guard while he tried so hard to annoy her, though I figured he would get loose somehow.

Next thing I didn't expect: those crazy vampires attacking Sam and killing him! WTF? Dean's reaction and then Cas just ...almost glibly...telling him there's nothing they can do? I know they had their mission but still. And then Dean looking at Mary and crying when she asked where Sam was... :'(

Once it sunk in that Sam was dead I thought one of two things would happen, both involving Lucifer since he was now in this other world too: Either he would find Sam and use him as his vessel, or he would revive him and then use that as a bargaining chip when he'd find Dean, Jack and the others. But let me get this straight: He didn't use his own juice to revive Sam, did he? He said something about killing Michael's angels. Did their grace give him what he needed to bring Sam back?

So now to save Sam's life (keep the vampires from attacking him) he's going to make him lead him to Jack and he appears to want to join them in stopping Michael. I wonder how this is going to play out? But...their faces when they all see Sam...especially Dean's and Jack's. :) And then of course seeing Lucifer behind him.

One other pondering I had was if Lucifer bringing Sam back would give him any after effects at all. I guess we may find out.
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