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SPN #13x22 Exodus (episode review)

Not that anyone would be interested since I'm reviewing this so late, but I've reviewed them all so why stop now I guess...

Given the writers of this episode, my expectations were quite low. Having said that, I did like that we got a Sam/Dean hug. I was a bit perplexed by Sam's reaction as they were hugging ...was he not expecting it?

I admit I laughed more than I probably should have at the AU!Cas, especially his accent. I wonder if the writers have watched the classic episodes of Doctor Who. There was a story during the black & white era of the show when Patrick Troughton played the Doctor called "The Enemy of the World"'that was more like a James Bond/Man from U.N.C.L.E type thing in which the Doctor tangled with this Mexican despot who looked exactly like him (and was played by the same actor). Anyway the AU!Cas here sounded quite a bit like him and the scene where the actual Cas struggled with him looked almost as if it were lifted from the Doctor Who episode. If you're not familiar with this, go to YouTube or Dailymotion and do a search for "Doctor Who The Enemy of the World"... it should return some results featuring this character (his name is Salamander). Doesn't that AU!Cas kind of remind you of him?

I was concerned about what would happen when Jack started talking to and listening to Lucifer. It was obvious he was trying to influence Jack and Jack really did want to kill Michael there in the end. I was glad he did go back to their world and I suppose it was a result of what both Sam and Lucifer said to him, though I did have to side eye Lucifer for seeming to go along with all this, I'm glad I did and I'll get to that.

I admire Gabriel for buying them all a little time to go back through the rift and it sucks that he was killed, but not totally unexpected IMO. I do love what Sam did, figuring out that Lucifer knew what was going to happen with Michael showing up and then just leaving Lucifer there while he's hurt (or acting like he's hurt anyway). I knew Lucifer couldn't be trusted in the end. Yes, it seemed as if he really wanted to end Michael after what he'd done, but I suppose all the things Gabriel had said to him pushed him over the edge? He looked as if he were crying at one point there after what Gabriel said.

I wa glad they were able to get so many people through the rift, but now they're going to have to deal with both Michael and Lucifer. Speculation time: what do you think will happen to Jack? Will he try to take out both of them, or just Michael anyway? Might he end up sacrificing himself in doing so? And what happens to Sam and Dean? I won't spoil but I saw something interesting in the trailer for the finale involving Dean and...not entirely sure who the other character was? And then there was the interesting pic from set of Jensen and some stuff he's shared at recent cons. Hmm. Any ideas?
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