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SPN #14x04 Mint Condition (episode review)

Note: I did not get to review the past two episodes since I wasn't home to watch them. I did record them both and managed to catch the last 10 minutes of the last episode, but I haven't had time to properly sit down to watch them yet. Hopefully that will change soon.

I'd also like to note that I am trying to keep things to a more positive note here. Everyone has different opinions on this show and I am fine with that, but I 'd still like to keep the negativity to a minimum here. If you're okay with that, we're good. :)

I actually liked this one quite a bit. It was nice to take a break from all the mytharc stuff and have the boys on an old-fashioned hunt with a vengeful ghost. Sam even had the EMF meter out. :) I had to chuckle when Sam made Dean leave with him to get him out of his funk and Dean had muttered about there being too many people in the bunker. I felt like saying "Yeah, tell me about it." Lol

Back to the soon as I saw that guy Stuart snatch that figure in the beginning I knew he'd be in for it. The guy was pretty over the top. And the mother spoiling him like she did, wanting to bring him his favorite pillow when he was in the hospital? Geez. And to top it off, he's apparently had a habit of stealing, which is why the ghost of the former owner was after him. One question though... did we ever find out what happened to him in the end? I know he was all hooked up to the machinery in the bed and they had the ring of salt to protect him. I guess we could assume he's all right?

Sam and Dean in short sleeves and ties: Yum. And later when they were at Stuart's house with Dean wearing the huge geeky He and the other guy geeking out over the All Saint's Day movies were amusing. Sam and the girl (who is also a "Sam" if I'm not mistaken?) were pretty cute together too. The way they did the fake ad for one of the movies just before the show went to commercial reminds me of Hollywood Babylon back in season 2. I remember them doing something similar. In fact I spotted a little nod to the "Hell Hazers" movie from that episode at the beginning of this one.

The whole thing about Sam hating Halloween...I know they alluded to it in the past but I wonder if what he told Dean is really the reason. I guess to a kid that age when something that mortifying happens, it can really leave a lasting impression. I liked when Dean said that next Halloween they're going to do it right and mentioned dressing up together...all the silly ideas and then ended with Thelma and Louise just getting in the car and driving. In fact I liked that whole scene at the end in the car, with Dean thanking Sam for getting him out of his rut. I always enjoy those brotherly moments.
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