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I hear it's your birthday...

Happy Birthday to you, toomi_k and ckojlf !!

Hopefully this pic will be to your liking ;) A couple of people who wanted to help you celebrate! :D

on a somewhat-related note, I'm going to be changing my LJ header on Thursday, since the first day of Spring is then.

On a completely unrelated note, I am breathing a sigh of relief because I went to the orthopedist's office today and looks like everything is fine with my arm. They took x-rays again and said that the bone itself is completely fine. They think the pain I was having is from my bicep tendon... it's probably inflamed.  They wrote out a script for the physical therapist's office (looks like I have another 4-6 weeks of that...*sigh* HOPEFULLY not longer) and instructed them to not have me do any heavy weight lifting for at least 2 weeks, to let the muscle/tendon heal.  Hopefully that's all I need and I will feel better after that.  I'm just so relieved that it isn't anything serious.
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