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New Header...

Well, here it is...

Something to reflect all my areas of fangirl squee.  Not perfect but better than the draft image I had.  Maybe I can even tweak this one a bit more, make the edges fade a bit so they blend in with the white background...  Or something like that.

Wondering if I should add a new mood theme too... have been thinking of a Supernatural one (either Sam&Dean or just Sam).  Though I still like the Daniel Jackson one, it's a bit plain-looking.  You can have more than one mood theme, can't you? You can only use one at a time, right?

Regarding the upcoming "LJ Strike," I am somewhat indifferent about it.  I had no idea what it was about until very recently.  I checked out the details...  and I still don't understand much of them.  They're taking away free accounts for new users? I can't believe that.  Seriously?  I can understand the ad-free ones, as nothing is really "ad free" anymore and mine certainly wasn't ad-free when I first got my basic account. I don't even remember having that option - though I've had my journal since mid-2006 so was this a later addition?

I checked out the referring post regarding the strike and I have to cease all posting beginning 8pm tonight till (I'm assuming) 8pm tomorrow.  Is this really going to make a big difference in the long run? Is it really going to make the people running LJ sit up and take notice?  I'm just asking a fair question here.  I don't know if I'll have anything to post about tonight into tomorrow anyway, so if I don't post at all it won't necessarily be me taking part in the strike.  Call me a traitor but I really don't have much inclination to do this, at least at this time.
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