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Supernatural Finale 15x20 Carry On

I didn't actually watch this one live - I DVRd it and watched it the next day... and finally got to write up some of my thoughts about it....

So, most of you know that I've fallen out of favor with this show in recent years due to a number of factors. I've always been interested in seeing how they were going to eventually wrap the show up (even during the time I hated thinking about it, lol), so I thought eh, I'll DVR it and see. I kept my expectations really low given how I'd felt about these recent seasons.

I have to say... Wow. Some very good things. And some huge downers.

It really felt like I was watching more in the old days. No angel garbage, no "wayward daughters", none of the silly garbage that's turned me off in recent years either. Just Sam and Dean off together on a hunt.

Can someone tell me where the dog came from? Honestly, this episode is the first I've seen since the one last (last?) season when John was back. Don't worry about spoilers; I don't care about them. I'm just interested in knowing how he got there. Also based on the preview I'm assuming Jack is in Heaven, some power position?

We got some really nice throwbacks to the old days too, with the boys sitting down to eat pie. Dean is practically in heaven and Sam gets him in the face with a piece of pie, saying he'd wanted to do that for so long (shades of the old prank wars?). They're on an old-fashioned hunt, too, a vampire nest. And a character from season 1, Jenny from Dead Man's Blood. Cool stuff.

For a little while I was a bit surprised that Dean bought it in a pretty simple way, nearly getting impaled by a nail or whatever it was... But they kept everything pretty small-scale so I guess in a way it fits. As opposed to "big" with all the different characters and storylines/arcs.

The scene between the two of them, with Dean telling Sam to stay with him, Sam insisting on saving him and Dean telling him he can't... And then the exchange from the pilot only reversed (Sam: "I can't do this alone"; Dean: "Yes you can"; Sam: "Well I don't want to"). Sam telling Dean he can go now.... dang, I'd actually become emotionally detached to this show, sadly, and I think it suceeded in reeling me back in, at least for this episode. This was so well done - their emotions were so palpable. Credit where it's due, Jensen and Jared.

Dean ends up in Heaven and finds Bobby outside the Roadhouse. He also finds Baby, this time with her original license plates. He tells Bobby he misses Sam but Bobby tells him he'll be along, that time passes differently up there.

We see Sam trying to get on with his life, he's got a family now (speaking of which, in one of the scenes where he was paying catch with his son... that wasn't actually one of Jared's kids with him, was it?). We watch Sam age and at one point he goes into the garage, throws the tarp off of Baby, goes inside and gets all emotional as he sits at the wheel. Later on he's terminally ill in a bed surrounded by equipment in his house. He'd dying and his now grown son tells him he can go now.

Dean is standing around when Sam approaches him, dressed in a jacket and hoodie much like he had in the pilot. They hug... And that's the end.

Again, as someone who basically divorced herself from this show and hasn't watched in over a season, I have to say this was quite well done. It seemed a lot simpler as it did in the early seasons, and it was great to see them reunited at the end in Heaven. But still parts of it were such a downer, especially watching Sam grow old and then dying. That left me on a down mood for a while even after I finished watching it.

Still, kudos to Show for going smaller when I think it really needed to. Godspeed, boys. Thanks for all the entertainment over the years.

One last thing: I noticed two commercials advertising a SPN convention in New Jersey around the end of April. Does anyone think they'd be able to do those again so soon? Especially at the capacity they've done in the past? Hmmm.....
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