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Puppy!Sam Picspam #1 (Supernatural)

Since I'm still in a kind of "blah" mood, I decided to go through screencaps and do a little picspam to cheer myself up.  I've recently started re-capping various SPN episodes from the beginning.  I've decided to make a series of picspams for each episode, showcasing Sam Winchester at his cute little puppy self:

I've gone in and edited all the caps, mostly the coloring, lighting, etc.  If they're kinda crummy, blame Photoshop, lol.  I have larger versions of them if anyone wants.  You can snurch these caps but if you use them for anything credit would be nice. 

So today we start with:

Episode 1x01: Pilot

(Warning: Image-heavy! AKA not dial-up friendly!)

1. Starting with the most obvious... Baby Puppy.

2. Aww, it's okay, tiny Puppy... *hugs him*

3. Ah, there's Puppy now... Hi, Puppy!!

4. Come on, Puppy, we wanna see you in a Halloween costume! Hmm, anyone got any ideas? ;)

5. Puppy enjoying his drinky-poo

6. And now he's hinting that he wants to be scratched under his neck...

7. Uh... not sure if I wanna know....

8. First documented sighting of a fangirl under the table!

9. And Puppy seems to have enjoyed that... very much...   Hai, PuppyDimple!

10. Happy!Puppy... aww. :)

11. *removes Jess, inserts self*

12. Snoozing!Puppy.... ooh, nice PuppyBicep...

13. Yep, Watchdog!Puppy usually sleeps with one eye open

14. Puppy on alert...

15. Puppy hears something...

16. First documented sighting of the Bitchface!

17. Ooh, Protective!Puppy stands his ground

18. And the PuppyMop makes one of its first appearances :)

19. DelightfullyAmused!Puppy

20. Hai again, PuppyDimple!

21. The PuppyEyes™ are dismayed by Dean's choice of music

22. "MULLET rock." Hee, first time we see Puppy as Mr. Snarkypuss!

23. Curious!Puppy ... whatcha see, boy?

24. Hoping to persuade the cops with a little PuppyCharm

25. Heh... Awkward!Puppy stomping his PuppyPaw down on naughty big brother's foot

26. You've done it now, Dean. You've provoked the wrath of the Bitchface

27. Yep, you're getting the full Bitchface treatment

28. See? DefinitelyNotAmused!Puppy (aka Pissy!Puppy)

29. Aww, bless. :)

30. Seriously, how precious does this PuppyFace look?

31. *is in awe of the
PuppyEyes™ and dark strands of PuppyMop*

32. First documented Facial Shrug Alert!

33. WTF??Puppy

34. Aw, Puppy is so relieved that Dean isn't fish food!

35. That PuppyMop is slowly getting the courage to come forth :)

36. Facial Shrug #2!

37. Curious!Puppy sneakin' around... wish he'd sneak around my house ;)

38. Puppy's on to something...

39. See above.

40. Awwww... Nostalgic!Puppy

41. Now, who could say no to this greeting them at their door? hee...

42. Hm, looks like Puppy wants a kissy. Can't pass that up...

43. First documented use of the
PuppyEyes™ method for obtaining information

44. Nervous puppy hiding...

45. Puppy going for a little drive...

46. Aw, good to see you again, PuppyDimple!!

47. I love the little look on his face here.

48. Uh oh... puppy's down! (looks like someone else finds him edible too)

49. And getting whumped!

50. Ooh, ExtremelyPissedOff!Puppy (with good reason)...

51. Nooooo, not the tender PuppyBits!!

52.  *whew* Puppy's okay! I don't know how he does it but that amused little smile... *flails*

53. Saying goodbye to his brother

54. Aww...

55. He looks almost like a lost puppy here...

56. Here too...

57. Puppy settles down for a nap (and trying to forget what happens next...)

58. And finally... UpsetbutDetermined!Puppy


59. Puppy is sooooo unimpressed by Luis' costume

60. IAmTooHotForThisCampus!Puppy

61. Awww, such cuteness. :) "Come on,, I mean Jess..."

62. Facial Shrug #3!

63. *mind planted firmly in the gutter*

64. Awwwwwwww. :( *hugs Puppy*

Bitchface Count: 2 (struggle with Dean and embarrassed by Dean's behavior in front of the cops)
Facial Shrugs: 3

So that's about it for this picspam.  I should have one for 1x02 (Wendigo) up soon.  And before you ask, I plan to do some Dean picspams as well.  Not gonna neglect that poor hottie either, so no worries. ;)
Tags: picspam, supernatural, supernatural: sam winchester

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