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Puppy!Sam Picspam #2 (Supernatural)

And now it's time for Picspam #2!

Episode #1x02: Wendigo

Same as last time - not very dial-up friendly, snurch if you like, and cruddy pics are the fault of Photoshop Elements and my monitor's resolution, lol.

1. Hi, puppy.

2. Aw, Awwww, Sad!Puppy smile/laugh... *pinches cheeks*

3. Aww...

4. :'(

5. *sniffle* poor puppy...

6. *hugs him*

7. Ooh, Puppy got a little haircut... *fingers the pretty PuppyMop strands*

8. OMG Puppy, look out!!

9. Rudely-Awakened!Puppy

10. Hm, seems like a fangirl slipped under the seat totally unbeknownst to Puppy (and Dean)

11. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

12. *starts singing* “Hot-blooded... I got a fever of 103...” Hmm, I got a fever and the only cure is... more Puppy!! ;) *pets the PuppyMop*

13. Bzuh?Puppy

14. And he instantly turns on the PuppyCharm for Ranger Wilkinson

15. Hmm... Curious!Puppy

16. Wow, he's really milking the PuppyCharm, aint he? Hee...

17. Puppy's kinda pissy right now... “HOW could you forget the PuppyTreats, Dean??”

18. Puppy takes a stand

19. Do not mess with the puppy!

20. They're at a house now; surely some PuppyTreats must lurk within. Puppy starts warming up the big guns...

21. OMGYouAreSooooooLame!Puppy

22. Here we see him putting the PuppyEyes™ to good use... “You must have PuppyTreats... right?” *licks lips in anticipation*

23. Puppy wants to know if Dean has any leftover snacks.... somewhere in the Impala...

24. "Please? Come on, I know you have them..."

25. Ooh, yeah... Alpha!Puppy. "We're not going anywhere until you answer my question, Dean."

26. Nope, turns out he doesn't. And so Puppy hurls the bitchface he's been saving up so long at him

27. Now he turns on the PuppyCharm for Roy, hoping that he has what passes for PuppyTreats in his rations.

28.  Hee hee... I love his face here.  He looks like he's about six years old

29. “*sniff sniff* ZOMG! Dean! I think I smell PuppyTreats!!”

30. Puppy is on the scent!

31. See above

32.  Follow your nose, puppy!

33. Wow, he's really playing up the PuppyKewtness here...

34. Looks like puppy is begging Dean to take him for a walk :D

35. Ah... he's picked up that scent again

36. Puppy tries to make Roy understand with the PuppyEyes™ just how badly he needs those PuppyTreats

37. But of course Roy mocks him. Puppy takes exception and starts howling his displeasure

38. Ooh, an epic bitchface for Roy!

39. It seems to have done the trick. Roy has been put in his place and Puppy is pleased.

40. I know it's dark, but... Facial Shrug Alert!

41. Hmm, Puppy seems to be going through PuppyTreat withdrawal...

42. “I mean, if I don't get another one of these soon I'll DIE!!” *prepares emergency shipment of PuppyTreats*

43. not sure if you can see because of the lighting, but he is not happy here...

44. Awww, Puppy's gonna cry :( Don't worry, Sweetie, they're on their way!

45. Looks like he feels a little better now. Aw. :) *hugs Puppy*

46. Puppy's wondering whose brilliant idea it was to play Flashlight Tag with the wendigo...

47. Turns out it was Roy's. “But he's dead now, Dean. Look where it got him. Why do we have to keep this up?” Dean: “We have to keep playing in his honor!”

48. Contemplative!Puppy ... or Don'tBotherMe,FeelingEmoRightNow!Puppy

49. Puppy is especially thankful that his PuppyMop looks so awesome today

50. Hmm... Puppy hears something

51. And now he wants a kissy... okay, boy, if you insist...

52. Heh, what's got puppy so excited? Anyone know?

53. Dean starting to get creeped out by Puppy's behavior?

54. Hee... see above

55. Shocked!Puppy

56. Puppy: "Yeah it's dangerous but we do it all the time."

57. Facial Shrug #2!

58. Ben sure is lucky, having a big puppy with him to protect him...

59. Puppy's a wee bit nervous... what could possibly go wrong?

60. Oops... forget I asked... *helps Puppy up*

61. Aw, Excited!Puppy... and Hai, PuppyDimple!

62. Hero!Puppy bares his teeth at the wendigo

63. Fuzzy, but... awwww, Puppy is so proud of big brother!

64. Now the PuppyEyes™ are helping Ben convince the policeman of their story

65. Heh, looks like the fangirl is back...

66. And Puppy just HAS to gloat about it ;)

67. Yep, Puppy is cool and he knows it

68. Badass!Puppy loving his turn at the wheel


69. Professor Puppy teaches Ben about the Anasazi

70. Aw, Curious!Puppy is so endearing :)

Bitchface count: 2 (one for Dean, one for Roy)
Facial Shrugs: 2

Next up will be Dead in the Water.  I should have that one up by Friday early next week, hopefully.  Hope you enjoyed dose of Puppy!Sam. :)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester
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