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Puppy!Sam Picspam #3 (Supernatural)

Guess what was waiting for me in the mail when I got home from work yesterday...

*dances* Only got through half of it last night, but I'm enjoying it so far.  And the pics are awesome :D  Anyway...

It's Friday, which means...

And today it's
Episode #1x03: Dead in the Water
As before, it's a bit image-heavy. Snurch if you like. 

1. Puppy just wants the check, please (aka Puppy is no fun)

2. Puppy is incredulous

3. Curious!Puppy

4. Confuzzled!Puppy

5. Ah, fangirl under the table...

6. Making good use of the killer Puppy Eyes

7. You can't fight the Puppy Eyes™! Give in to them! Succumb, succumb!!

8. Guess it didn't work... now he's Annoyed!Puppy

9. OhMan,IAmSooooooTiredOfYourBS!Puppy

10.  *sigh* He looks so young here...

11. The sheriff needs a little extra convincing, so Puppy ups the PuppyKewtness

12. Thinky!Puppy

13. see above

14. Whoa, Andrea startled the PuppyEyes™ for a second, there

15. "Yeah, all the girls think my brother is hot, but what's better than a cute lil Puppy? *whistles* Hey! Kewt Puppy over here!"

16. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

17. TeeHee! FunnyFace!Puppy

18. Oh ho, Dean must be hitting on her... it's the Long-Suffering Puppy Eye-Roll ;)

19. ... and Bitchface!

20. Wow, he's STILL bitchfacing! Puppy knows never to let a good bitchface go to waste

21. Aww... HighlyAmused!Puppy as Dean gets blown off

22. Wow! That was some turn-down! Puppy's impressed with Andrea's skill

23. Fangirl alert!

24. Researchy!Puppy

25. More Researchy!Puppy (hmm looks like he's found something good...)

26. *pets the silky looking PuppyMop*

27. Andrea looks a little down. Perhaps the company of a cute puppy might perk her up a bit?

28. PuppyDimples come out to play!

29. News of Will Carlton's death makes Puppy bitchface

30. Puppy is skeptical...

31. But he can still work the Puppy Eyes™

32. "Hi! Mr. Carlton? You looked pretty sad and I thought you'd welcome the company of a cute puppy?"

33. "Are you sure? The cute puppy sympathizes with you. Really."

34. The PuppyHair complements the PuppyEyes so nicely, doesn't it :)

35. Hmm, something's got his attention. Is someone waving a treat in his direction?

36. Using the PuppyEyes
to convince Andrea of ChildPsychologist!Dean's good intentions

37. Puppy overhears something important...

38. Oh, has he ever. T-minus 3 seconds till the lip-quivering starts...

39. Puppy never gets tired of telling Dean "I told you so." ;)

40. Hee! Duckface!Puppy

41. *pinches cheeks*

42. *stares*

43. OhNoes!Puppy

44. Ooh, lookit the pretty windblown PuppyHair!

45. Facial Shrug Alert!

46. Poor threatened Puppy... *shakes fist at sheriff*

47. Puppy understands your pain... his Puppy Eyes
convey it so well.

48. See?

49. Puppy's actually disappointed deep down... he thought they would find a giant bone

50. See? Aw, it's okay, hon. We'll get you some nice PuppyTreats. *pets*

51.  He even works the Puppy Eyes
on the sheriff (which, as we all know, doesn't do the trick).

52.  Puppy expresses his displeasure for baths. 

53. Happy he's all dry and cleaned up, Puppy lets his dimples pay another visit :)

54. And now we have to say goodbye.  Aw, don't look so sad, Puppy! *hugs him*

55. That's better. Aw, Puppy is once again an amused spectator getting a laugh at Dean's expense

56. Hee! Come on out, PuppyDimple, don't be shy!

57. Gah! Puppy begins Operation Kill-With-Cuteness

58. *iz ded*

Bitchface count: 4
Facial Shrugs: 1

Hope you liked today's offering. :)  It was a bit hard coming up with some of the captions (while others just spoke for themselves, lol).  I will be posting the picspam for Phantom Traveler on Monday (possibly sooner if I have enough time).
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester
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