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Puppy!Sam picspam #4 (Supernatural)

Hee.. as I was screen capping this weekend, a funny thought occurred to me.  I remembered seeing the ads for Supernatural back during S1 and when S2 was starting.  I didn't actually start watching the show until Playthings in S2.  And one of my first thoughts when I saw Sam was, "Isn't he supposed to have bangs?" LOL ;P

Anyway, without further ado, here is the next picspam.

Episode #1x04: Phantom Traveler

A few more images this time around. I think the picspams will be getting larger (so many puppy shots to choose from!), so be warned the posts are image-heavy.  Snurch anything you like.

1. Hi, Puppy... CoffeeBoy!Puppy returns with the goods

2. Puppy says, "rise and shine."

3. Hee! Gleeful!FunnyFace!Puppy

4. Facial Shrug Alert!

5. Puppy is bitchfacing because he didn't get enough sleep last night

6. Puppy is somewhat confused.

7. Fangirls say hello... ;)

8. Puppy finds a toy! Oh, what have we here...?

9. The fact that Dean hid the toy from Puppy makes him bitchface even more

10. Puppy fears he may have gone overboard with the bitchfacing and feels ashamed

11. Confuzzled!Puppy

12. Awwww, Bashful!Puppy smile :)

13. Puppy is in deep thought, contemplating on how many treats (in the form of sour string and gummi bears, of course) it would take to fill up this entire space...

14. It's just too good to stop pondering... he wonders what Dean would say to this...

15. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

16. Puppy is deeply lost in thought....

17. Dean is apparently not convinced, so Puppy pulls out the patented Puppy Eyes™

18. Facial Shrug #2!

19. Sympathetic, yet slightly perplexed, Puppy.

20. He thinks that by using the PuppyEyes™ on this Jaffe guy, it'll get him to talk more about what he saw on the plane.

21. Who can resist??

22. The complete package: PuppyEyes, PuppyHair, PuppyMole, and PuppyLips.... gotta love it :D

23. Aw, Puppy looks disappointed that their ride has come to an end... he was having such fun with his head out the window, feeling the wind in his hair...

24. Nervous(for some reason)!Puppy *hugs him*

25.  Puppy thinks Dean's plan is just a bit out there...

26. Puppy using his sympathetic PuppyEyes again

27. Heh, Stylin'!Puppy seems to be having a wardrobe malfunction... let's help him out, shall we? ;)

28. HighlyAmused!Puppy

29. Ooh, yeah... Stylin, Suave Puppy! He's cool and he knows it. ;D

30. Puppy not impressed by Dean's uber resourcefulness. Rather, he becomes Mr. Snarkypuss

31. Puppy's shirt collar, after catching a rerun of American Bandstand from the 70s, has decided rebel against him.  Puppy has yet to notice, as he's busy working his PuppyEyes mojo on someone else.  We forgive him, though. ;)

32. Wow, he's really workin' the
PuppyEyes™ and the PuppyMop here... and trying hard to ignore the rebelling shirt

33.  Luckily Puppy has taken notice of the shirt and suitably punished it, banishing it to the Impala's trunk.  Here we see him back in Excited!Researchy!Puppy mode.

34. Uh oh, now Puppy's laptop is misbehaving... he's hoping a bitchface will change that

35. Dean apparently thinks it's funny. And he dared bring up the shirt again. So yeah... bitchface for him as well

36. Puppy is shocked to discover that Dean particularly liked the shirt.

37.  Puppy's still incredulous, but now getting amused

38.  Now we've got BrownHoody!Puppy working the eyes.  Between the eyes and the hair, I don't know which makes me squeee louder.

39.  Puppy knows Dean has snackies in his pocket!

40.  Damn, he's persistent. "Come on, Dean, I know you have them.  Just one? Pleeeeeeeze?... This isn't fair, you're always hiding them from me!"

41.  Puppy really wants to go for a [plane] ride! See how excited he is? And Dean, succumbing to those cursed eyes, just can't say no (despite his own fears).

42. Looks like Puppy also wants a kissy... happy to oblige, Sweetie :)

43. Puppy got his plane ride, his kissy, and has wrestled the snackies away from Dean. He is therefore happily content.

44.  GUH.... the eyes, the hair, the little smirk.... *flails wildly*

45. The
PuppyEyes™ are making sure Dean puts his fears aside and does his job

46. ... As is the bitchface

47. See?

48. SeriallyDetermined!Puppy

49. Puppy tries to appeal to Amanda with the

50. OMG!Puppy

51. A wee little bitchface for the demon-possessed copilot

52. In the middle of his exorcism, Puppy clutches onto his BrownHoodie for protection.

53. ExhaustedButRelieved!Puppy

54. Aw. :( *pets*

55. Jerry is impressed that Puppy knows the Gimme Paw trick :)

56. Aw... Sad!Puppy... let's all give him a hug. :)


57. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

58. Puppy is just completely, totally, indubitably gobsmacked! Trufax!!

59. Watchdog!Puppy

60. LongSuffering!Puppy tries hard to stifle a bitchface

Bitchface count: 8 (split between Dean, his laptop, and the demon possessing the copilot)
Facial Shrugs: 2

And that's all, folks.  1x05 Bloody Mary will be posted on Wednesday.
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