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Puppy!Sam Picspam #6 (Supernatural)

Once again, the Puppy asks you to join us for another round of...

Episode #1x06: Skin

Now this one is REALLY image-heavy (as in almost 50 over 80 images)... quite a bit more than the previous ones, so it is definitely not dial-up friendly.  But as before, if you see anything you like, feel free to take.

1. Hi, Puppy.  Hm, you okay? You are very quiet.  Even Dean is concerned.

2. Something has Puppy preoccupied... either that, or he is just practicing being emo for later on...

3. Pucker up, Puppy.  You want a kiss, huh? I'd be happy to provide that...

4. Killer Puppy Eyes (and some Neck Porn :D).

5. Now he's workin' them on Dean

6. Puppy is perplexed.  Why won't Dean let him pay his Puppy Friends a visit?

7. That PuppyNeck is really asking for a nibblin'

8. Fangirl under the seat!

9. Lip porn!

10. Dean: Dude, will you put those things away already?? Sam: You know you can't fight them, Dean.

11. ... and he emphasizes that point with a bitchface

12. Cheekbone porn? as Puppy looks a tad worried...

13. Really, is it any wonder this guy gets away with so much?

14. Howdy.  Did someone order a Puppy?

15. What I would give to find this at my door! *flails*

16. *dies*

17. Have you hugged your puppy today?

18. Heh... Awkward!Puppy

19. And now he tries to impress her with a little Blue Steel

20. Puppy has excellent communication skills.

21. Hai, PuppyDimple!

22. Hmm, it's been a while since he last saw Little Becky, so he's gotta make sure the Puppy Eyes still work on her...

23.  Okay, Puppy, I think you've got her

24. Another kiss? Well, if you say so...

25. GUH... the kewtness... *dies*

26. Puppy is in deep thought (and while we're at it, check out that awesome, flicky-outy PuppyHair!)

27. Sympathetic!Puppy

28. PuppyFace + PuppyEyes + PuppyLips + PuppyHair + PuppyHoodie = utter happiness

29. And now Puppy gets in on the utter happiness, thanks to some fangirls ;)

30. Awww... Puppy with his Puppy Friends... in happier times

31. Puppy in Semi-Research Mode

32. Who can resist this face??? Puppy begging for some people food ;D

33. Shocked!Puppy

34. Puppy begging Dean to take him for walkies before going after the shapeshifter...

35. What have those PuppyEyes™ spotted now?

36.  What a cute puppy! Look how he cocks his head to the side in the most inquisitive way

37. Bzuh?Puppy

38. Puppy suddenly has an intense craving for PuppyTreats... Sweetie, don't root through the garbage! Anything you find in there will bother your PuppyTummy! Let us give you some yummy PuppyTreats!

39. Good boy! :)

40. Puppy tries to sell his idea to Dean with the help of the PuppyEyes

41. Puppy feeling a bit creeped out down in the dark, scary sewer

42. Shapeshifter skin makes Puppy queasy...  *prepares ginger ale*

43. PuppySmirk and Dimples FTW!

44. Yes, this is Puppy... how did you get this number?

45. Heh... no comment ;)

46. Aww, Sad!Puppy :(

47. Again... no comment ;)

48. Uh oh, Puppy's gonna puke again.. *gets more ginger ale*

49. Puppy Freak Out!

50. StayAwayFromMahBrother,Biatch!Puppy

51. "'Scuse me, ladies, Puppy on a mission, coming through..."

52. They have evaded the shapeshifter ...or so Puppy thinks... and it makes him bitchface

53. Hmm... Skeptical!Puppy

54. Puppy has issues with Not!Dean

55. See the bitchface?

56. Puppy! Noooo!!

57. Bondage!Puppy... how kinky ;P

58. It's soooo much more comfortable when we fangirls do it, though... *g* With that in mind, Puppy bitchfaces Shapeshifter!Dean

59. Oooh, Bitchface-
PuppyEyes™ combination... good one

60. Aw... Puppy is scared.. you can almost hear him whimpering.

61. Puppy is scared but still trying to be brave. Gotta love him :D

62.  Aww...don't you just wanna untie him? Or not.... ? ;)

63. Shapeshifter!Dean is reeeeeally ticking off Mr. Bitchface

64. Puppy really appreciates the fangirls' efforts ;)

65. Yay, they're free! They should really get a move on... but Puppy is really mesmerized by this dog food commercial...

66.  Puppy is out of harm's way (for now), but NOT amused...

67. ... And seemingly not convinced...

68. The
PuppyEyes™ beg Dean to stay out of trouble

69. Awwww... now who could convict a face like this??

70. After all that craziness, Puppy gladly accepts a drinky

71. OMG Puppy, look out!!

72. Noooo!!!

73. Puppy is getting tired of being tied up..

74. Looks like he has an idea...

75. A pre-attack bitchface

76. Go, Puppy! Lay a judo chop on that Shapeshifter!Dean!!

77. So... who wants to volunteer to help him up? ;)

78. Even though Shapeshifter!Dean is dead, it doesn't stop Puppy from bitchfacing him

79. Good old Puppy... back to his Good Old Puppy Self as his dimples he says goodbye to Becky

80. Don't you just wanna pinch those cheeks??

81. Outta the way, Becky, you're blocking the view... *flails again*

82. Puppy seems disappointed that Dean is a wanted man and he isn't (well, not in that context, anyway... little does he know he IS wanted by many a fangirl)

83. *licks PuppyDimple*

84. Puppy is happy.... and so are we!!!

Bitchface count: 6 (at Dean and Shapeshifter!Dean)
Facial Shrugs: 0 (!!)

Huh, two eps in a row without Puppy's patented Facial Shrug! Hmm... I think I know what may have happened to them.......

Tsk, Dean!!

Hope you enjoyed this round of Puppy.... the next one (#1x07 Hookman) will be posted on Monday.  Till then, have a great weekend, everyone! :) ETA 7/16/10: I'll be away for a week, so when I come back I will post the next one.
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