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Puppy!Sam Picspam #9 (Supernatural)

Happy Friday everyone! To celebrate this and the fact that we had a new Supernatural episode last night, here's an extra long (well, longer) offering of

Episode 1x09: Home

Definitely not dial-up friendly.  If you like any of these, please feel free to take. 

1. Hi, Puppy.  Another bad dream?

2. Guess so... aw, come here. Let me kiss it and make it better :)

3. *kisses*  *nibbles PuppyNeck*

4. Artist!Puppy at work

5. No, Dean! Don't disturb the Puppy! On second thought... for that face..... *smooshes him*

6. Just 'cause ;)

7. Poor Puppy is shaken

8. Let's go in for a closer look... hmmmm, looks like he's given the PuppyMop a little trim...

9. Yep, and he's raising his eyebrows and enlisting the PuppyEyes™' help so that it's not too noticeable

10. Aw, just look at how desperate he is...

11. Puppy can't understand why Dean doesn't wanna take a ride in the car

12. Desperate times call for desperate actions, don't they, Puppy? He hits Dean with the PDE's (PuppyDogEyes).

13. Sad!Puppy with bonus PuppyTongue!

14. The fangirls have sensed Puppy's distress and are here to help ;)

15. *pets the newly shorn (but still pretty) PuppyMop*

16. He turns them up a notch...

17.  The Total Puppy Experience!! omgasdfjlkelfdhidsodghdigh...... (*iz rendered incoherent*)

18. *DIES*

19. *iz still ded*

20.  If this doesn't get Dean to come around, nothing will. I can't get over how young he looks here...

21. Yeah... I don't think this one needs a comment... ;)

22. He so needs a hug... any volunteers?

23. Puppy's happy... he finally got his car ride (not that the fangirls didn't help any...)

24. PuppyDimples! *flails*

25. Aw...just look at the loving way he's looking at Dean before they go inside. Almost like "you sure you're okay with this, big brother?" *melts*

26. How cute is Puppy when he greets Sari? And I can't help but love Dean's awkward smile thingy ;D

27. Gah... he doesn't look that much older than she does in this shot! ;)

28. Something's not sitting right with Puppy...

29. Puppy is so cute as he tries desperately to convince Dean of what's going on in their old place

30. Overwhelmed!Puppy.... hmmm, the PuppyMop is suddenly longer... did a fangirl slip some hair tonic into his shampoo? *g*

31. Hm... Puppy in reverse? (his mole is on the wrong side!) Still a lovely shot.

32. Ah, now he's right side around!

33. Now, using the PDE's on the garage owner to get some info

34. Wow, he really needs that info!

35. Bears repeating... it's no wonder he gets away with so much.

36. *nibbles PuppyNeck* Sorry, Puppy, but you make it so easy!

37. Okay I admit I included this because I just LOVE it when he makes this expression! I think someone once said (can't remember where) that it makes him look like Beaker from the Muppets. LOL! Hm... I think I will it Puppy's Facial Shrug.  Hee!!! ETA: And so we have the christening of the Facial Shrug. So, Facial Shrug Alert!!

38. Puppy is suprirsed... apparently Dean gets a kick out of that expression, too...

39. Hmm, Puppy seems to be gearing up the
PuppyEyes™ to use on Missouri

40.  Missouri is right... they did turn out handsome.  Although, that would imply that Puppy is a grown man, or at least appears like one. And I'm sorry, but to me he looks about 7 years old here. ;) The PuppyDimples certainly don't help.

41. What? "Fangirls"? They call me "Puppy"? Wow, how did you know that?

42. PuppySmirk! Could it get any cuter??

43. "Hah! She likes ME best! Nyah, Nyah!"Puppy

44. Yep, he's already basking in the glow of PuppyAppreciation

45.  Aaaagggh!!! Puppy, stop that! You're killing me with cuteness here! I swear he does this on purpose... *flails wildly*

46. But now it's time to get down to business and get the info. Out come the

47. Puppy cares.  That's it.

48. Puppy? Something wrong?

49. Oh, yeah... something's got him on alert.

50. It's enough to make him bitchface

51. Puppy's starting to get nervous... and it appears he's learned of the fangirls' hair tonic shenanigans and trimmed the PuppyMop back again...

52. Real evil came to Puppy? He doesn't like that. Out comes the bitchface again.

53. Hm.... Mini Puppy Pout?

54. Puppy's feeling pretty vulnerable right now ... perhaps he shouldn't have scaled back the PuppyMop... could've used it for protection, lol... hopefully the bitchface will make up for it

55. OMG Puppy! Watch out!

56.  Oh, not again.  Puppy, nooooo!!!

57. Saved by big brother! *phew*

58. Hey look, it's Watchdog!Puppy!

59. And now he's Hero!Puppy, saving the kids from that fire

60. Um...OCRP?Puppy

61. Poor Puppy... *shakes fist at poltergeist*

62. Poltergeist!Magnet!Puppy

63. He unleashes some bitchface whoop-ass

64. Whoa... If bitchfaces could kill...

65. Aww... Sad!Puppy

66. Confused/Frightened!Puppy (and I just wanna wipe that tear away...poor thing...)

67. Puppy Catchin' Flies, apparently ;)

68. Awwww... *pets*

69. Missouri takes pity on the poor lost Puppy

70. Aw...Puppy Cuteness for Missouri :)

71. Sad!Puppy (hm, anyone else see a trend emerging?)

72. *pets again*

73. Sad!Puppy says goodbye to the place they once called "home"


74. Puppy's a damn good listener. Yep.

75. Uh oh, Dean's misbehaving... but this really isn't the time for a bitchface, so he puts it away. Good boy, Puppy :)

Bitchface count: 5 (mainly at the poltergeist... none at Dean!! Is this a first? LOL)
Facial Shrugs: 1

And so must we say goodbye to Puppy. But he will be back next week Wed, hopefully, in 1x10 Asylum, mainly in the form of Bad/Naughty!Puppy. Stay tuned!

A little something for those of you who've stuck around to the end...  something silly I just came up with the other day:

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