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Puppy!Sam Picspam #10 (Supernatural)

And so it's a new week, which means a new round of...

Episode # 1x10: Asylum

Somewhat image-heavy.  Not very dial-up friendly. If you see anything you like, please feel free to grab.

1. Hi, Puppy. Oh, you're busy now. We'll come back later...

2. Okay, I think that's long enough. *g* Hm.... guess he realizes we're watching him now. The PuppySmirk says it all. ;)

3. Now we've got him somewhat curious. (*sigh* But love that set of PuppyEyes™ and PuppyHair :D)

4. The
PuppyEyes™ are trying desperately to make a point

5. Dean's got Puppy mildly curious...

6. ..And now a bit weirded out...

7. Puppy magically reverts to a 5 year old... a big 5 year old ;)

8. Puppy demands to know what is going on, in his ever-so-cute Puppy way...

9. He's turning his PuppyEyes™ onto "high beam" ;)

10. *pets the fast-growing PuppyMop*

11. Now Puppy wants a kissy... happy to oblige, hon

12. Fangirl Alert!

13. Stunned!Puppy

14. Mini PuppySmirk making an appearance

15. Heads up, Dean, there's a bitchface to your left

16. Puppy sharpening his acting claws (and bitchfacing skills) on Dean (he makes a convincing media hater!)

17. Awwww...... "Don't mind him, officer. He's a loathsome, meanie reporter who delights in kicking puppies." 

18. Here, Puppy assures Dean it was nothing personal.

19. He apologizes with the PE's .... dayum he is beautiful here.  The PE's, the PuppyLips, PuppyMole, PuppyMop.... *le sigh*

20. omg... Puppy, stop it.  You need to come with a Warning Label! *dies*

21. Puppy is not too happy about investigating an old abandoned asylum...

22. Mmm, can't resist... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

23. Uh oh, Puppy aint happy... we have the beginnings of a bitchface

24. Puppy thinks Dean's Jack Nicholson fetish is disturbing...

25. And now he's worked his way up to a Prissy Bitchface...

26. Hmm, wonder what Puppy is reading...

27. Bzuh??Puppy

28. Aha! I knew it!

29. Puppy in deep concentration...

30. Facial Shrug Alert!

31. Puppy does his cute act for the shrink, Dr. Ellicot Jr.

32. Awwww.... Puppieeeeeee.....  *flails*

33. Facial Shrug #2!

34. Facial Shrug #3!

35. Hm... seems like Ellicot Jr. sees right through Puppy's cute act.  Puppy is catching on to him....

36. Hmm, seems a fangirl snuck in there, unbeknownst to Dr. Ellicot... heh, a ninja fangirl ;)

37. Facial Shrug #4!

38. Smile for the Puppy!

39. Puppy's HlyCrp! Face

40. OMG watch out, Puppy!

41. Puppy's a bit shaken here... anyone want to help me calm him down?  *prepares massage oils*

42. Using his heightened Puppy senses to try and figure out what's going on

43. Having to play babysitter to a couple of foolish teenagers makes Puppy bitchface

44. Puppy's "You're kidding, right?" face

45. Oh, my... PuppyEyes™ , PuppyHair and PuppyHoodie... the triumverate of cute

46. Puppy still feels the need to bitchface the kids... for some reason...

47. It's the I'mOntoYou,Ellicot!Bitchface

48. Dangit! Puppy's flashlight burnt out... but the
PuppyEyes™ will light the way

49. Oh, Puppy, you are so brave! My hero! *fangirl squeal*

50. *gasp* Puppy!!! Nooooo!!

51. Wow... Ellicot!Puppy totally passes for the original so far...

52. Facial Shrug #5!

53. Yep... he's got something up his sleeve...  Even though he is cute, Dean had better watch out...

54. Uh oh, it's a bitchface warning... and not the usual one... be careful, Dean

55. Ew.  *hands Puppy a Kleenex*

56. PUPPY! WTF are you doing??

57. Oooh... Bad!Puppy finally reveals himself ... with quite a bitchface

58. No!! Put that down! Bad Puppy! Bad boy!! Baaaaad!!!

59. The parade of bitchfaces continues...

60. *tsk* He really needs to be punished....     Hm.. spanking?

61. Huh.... I kinda like this Bad!Puppy...

62. Bad!Puppy bares his teeth and goes "GRROWRR!" *fans self*

63. One more bitchface for good measure

64.  Oh.. Bad!Puppy gets confused as Dean gets the upper hand finally. 

65. Even when he's been knocked down, he still manages a bitchface

66. Puppy looks a little sore now... *snaps on nurse uniform*

67. Yay! Puppy is back to normal now... and looking ever so remorseful

68. Aw... looks like he wants to cry here

69. Poor Puppy... we forgive you!  *pets him* *hugs*

70. Tsk! Who dares to wake this cute Puppy out of a sound sleep?

71. Puppy receives a call from an anonymous fangirl... "you want to WHAT???"

Bitchface count: 11
Facial Shrugs: 5

And that's all for today.  I will be posting 1x11 Scarecrow on Wednesday either Friday or Monday.  Should be lots of Puppy goodness in that one. :)  Hope today's picspam made you smile!  I know that posting it made me smile... which is a good thing, because it's an awful day today in New York.  Very heavy rain and just very gray and dreary out.  But Puppy makes everything better :D

I looked for the first issue of the new comics in my local Borders yesterday. They didn't have it (but they never have very much, anyway... I was shocked when I found one of the issues of Origins there a while back). I guess I will be hitting up the site for those.
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