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Puppy!Sam Picspam #11 (Supernatural)

Happy Wednesday, all! It's time once again for

Episode #1x11: Scarecrow

Not quite as image-heavy as last week, but stll fairly image heavy. As before, if you see something you like, please feel free to take. Oh, and... er... this one is a bit naughty and I tend to get a little carried away with some of my comments.  Just a tiny precaution. ;) 

1. Just 'cause ;D.

2. Good morning, Puppy.  Aw, so sleepy-eyed...should we let you sleep a little longer? Hm....... nah.

3. Nice lighting here... and nice Puppy Lip porn...

4. Hmmm is Puppy trying out a new style for the PuppyMop?

5. Puppy is shocked that another obsessive fan girl has obtained his number.. yet he cannot help but listen in awe as she describes what she'd like to do to him....

6.  "I ... wow.  You think that's humanly possible? I mean, there is the Law of Gravity to consider.... Really?  Hoooly...."
Dean: "Who's that?"
"Uhhhhh.... wrong number." *continues to listen in awe*

7. Yep, he's totally enthralled :D

8. Uh oh. Dean, I really don't think you should get involved. Just sayin'. ;)


10. Heh, Puppy's now aware of Dean's presence and hopes this bitchface will get him to back off

11. Oh noes!

12. Bad Dean! Baaaad!

13. Aww... *pets Puppy*

14. Puppy surreptiously scrawls the number of the fan girl onto his hand for future reference...

15. The ink ran... dammit... Puppy bitchfaces again. Hm, might be a good idea to wait till you get some paper, hon...

16. "What? No, I wasn't doing anything..."  (Puppy trying to look vaguely innocent)

17. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

18. Puppy is ticked off that Dean made him cut the phone call short and affects the Puppy Glare of Death™ ...a close cousin of the bitchface

19. "It was an enlightening innocent conversation with an old friend, Dean."  Puppy is cute when he's angry.

20. Dean: "Dude, from what I could hear, that conversation was seriously whacked."
Puppy: "Ha ha ha!!! And you would be a valid judge of that!"

21. "You blew my big chance, Dean. This could have been it, and you blew it."
Dean: "Blew what??"
"My first chance for phone se... er... to meet someone new.  I'll never forget this." *turns Pissed Off Puppy Eyes™ up a notch*

22. "Studies have shown that my chances of getting lucky catching up with old friends significantly drop whenever I'm with you.  So, I think it's best that we part ways." *bitchface* (I love the way he tilts his head to the side here... still a cute puppy when he's ticked off!)

23. Dean: "You're a selfish bastard, you know that? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I have the same problem?"
Puppy: "Oh yeah? And what's that?"
Dean: "That I can't find a decent girl because they all seem to fall for you??"
Puppy: *smirks* "Huh... gee.  I wonder why that could be..."
Dean: "Shut up, smartass."
(Oh, Cocky Puppy, how we love thee...)

24. Puppy's bitchface is losing its patience with Dean

25. Ooh, a PuppySmirk/Bitchface combo!

26. And he lays a PuppyEyes™ guilt trip on Dean

27. In hopes of finding the fan girl, Puppy strikes out on his own...

28. Oh, look what he's found. How I wish this was me..... :D

29. Puppy attempts to calm her with the
PuppyEyes™ and a placating PuppyPaw

30. Sadly Meg is not the fan girl.  But she's *a* girl.  Hee hee... look how suddenly awkward Puppy is here.
"No, really, it's nice to meet you. It's just that I was expecting to find this girl who....... never mind..."

31. Lucky for her, it's National Adopt-A-Puppy Day! Wonder if she'll take a slightly naughty one?

32. *dies*

33. He hopes some PuppyKewtness will win over the driver and score him a ride

34. Nope, sorry, Puppy. She's not the fan girl either.  Although, how anyone could *not* be a fan girl after getting a dose of those cute PuppyEyes™ , I'll never know...

35. The
PuppyEyes™ are indeed gobsmacked... *nods*

36. Confused!Puppy. Why don't his PuppyEyes™ seem to work on this woman?

37. Puppy can't help but bitchface over his predicament

38. "*sigh* Oh, fangirl, fangirl, where art thou?" Puppy, we're right here! *waves*

39. Meg isn't the fan girl, but nonetheless he tries to convince her to embrace her Inner Puppy...

40. See? It's not so hard...

41. Puppy is grateful that Meg is sharing her refreshments with him.  They may not be Liva Snaps or Kibbles N Bits.... or gummy worms... but they'll certainly do...

42. "Thank you for adopting me, Meg. My brother, he is such a meanie. He monitors my phone conversations and keeps me on a very short leash. I have the chafed skin to prove it. I needed to get away from him.  Thank you."
Meg: "This is the tenth time you've thanked me, Sam."

43. Thoughtful!Puppy

44.  Puppy smiles in hopes that the Killer Dimples will get to her

45. Not sure about her, but they're getting to me...... He's got the whole combination working here - PuppyEyes™ , PuppyDimples, PuppyMole, PuppyMop.......
*gets weak kneed*

46. Facial Shrug Alert! (not all that impressive... but there it is...)

47. Ooh, Puppy Profile Porn... and nice lighting on the overgrown PuppyMop :D

48. Oh, the Lip Porn is back... hm, subtle way of looking for a kiss?
"Hi, we spoke earlier on the phone and you told me about a..... What do you mean I have the wrong number??" *glances down at hand*

49. "No, you were that fan girl who called yesterday morning, right? The one who mentioned toying with gravity in a very interesting way..." *smiles remembering the conversation* "No? You're sure?"

50. So, looks like that's the end of that. Poor, frustrated Puppy.  And now he really misses Dean....

51. "You need help and it's doesn't have to do with a girl? Not directly, anyway? *barely mumbles out apology to Dean*"

52. *hugs Puppy*

53. Puppy has to go now, but he allows Meg to gaze upon the PuppyEyes™ one last time...

54. "So, even though you weren't the fan girl, it was nice meeting you, Meg.  My meanie brother who's not so meanie anymore needs help. I can't get into it. But it was nice knowing you.  Thanks for all the puppy treats."

55. Yay! Puppy to the rescue!

56. Ummm...OhCrap?Puppy

57. Puppy bitchfaces Harley for even threatening to kill them

58. *nibbles PuppyNeck*  *pets PuppyMop*

59. As they bid Emily a fond farewell, Puppy can't help but wonder if she is the mysterious fan girl. (as an aside, I love Dean's little wave to her *grin*)

60. Puppy is still unhappy about the whole thing, but grateful that Dean is okay and apologizes via the PuppyEyes(TM)

61. ...And even manages to crack a joke about it. *flails at sight of PuppySmirk*

62. One last look at Puppy as he vows someday, somehow, he will track down that fan girl.

Bitchface count: 7
Facial Shrugs: 1

So, that's it. Sorry I got pretty carried away there with the "fan girl" thing, lol.  The ideas that come to me when I'm almost half asleep. *grin* On Friday I'll try to post #1x12 Faith, where we will get to see Sad yet Determined Puppy.  Stay tuned. :)
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