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Supernatural #3.14 Long Distance Call (episode review)

Here are some of my thoughts on this ep. 

Okay, first of all, I thought the concept was pretty creepy.  Getting calls from departed loved ones, with that weird name on the caller ID and being asked to "come to me."  I thought it was especially creepy when they said that number on the caller ID hadn't been used in many many years, and the whole Edison phone thing (before I realized that MOTW had made it all up, anyway).

This ep was pretty emotional, but there were a few light-hearted things that I liked.  First of all, Dean checking that girl out when he was off on his own.  Definitely has not changed. *grin*  His "this is Herman Munster. Leave a message" voicemail message.  The mention of the "" website from Tall Tales and Dean's familiarity with it.  That Stewie guy at the phone company with the porn on his computer... heh.  Then there was Sam and the noise his car clicker thingy made when he locked and unlocked his doors. I don't know why, but that kind of made me crack up a little.

Then there was the weird tour guide lady when they went to look at the Edison phone, with her constant quotation mark hand gestures, and the "and we're walking!"  (anyone who's seen Stargate, she so reminded me of that tour guide at the defunct SGC with the "embarkation room" quotation marks, the "not my favorite team" and the "and we're walking!" from 2010.  Whoever wrote that into the script HAD to have seen that episode, lol.) I loved Sam and Dean's deadpan reactions to her.

On a completely shallow note - both boys were looking quite fine tonight IMHO.  We got lots of Boys in Suits!! And Sam's hoodie! *squeee*

I liked the interaction between Sam and Lanie.  And YAY Sam for saving her little brother!

Now onto the heavier stuff...  I really, really felt for Dean in this episode.  Just watch his face when he hears John on the phone.  Listen to his tone as he talks to John (or, what he thinks is John, anyway).  That whole conversation was pretty heartbreaking to me.  From John's "how could you do it? How could you sell your soul?" to Dean's "You told me to look after Sammy" and then John's "you're my boy, I don't want you to go to hell" (paraphrasing here).  There was a little gleam in his eyes when John told him there was a way to save Dean from hell.

And he seemed so desperate when he was telling Sam about it, that he didn't want to hear Sam's skepticism.  You could tell he was operating on blind faith, not only due to the fact that he thought it was his Dad and it was something he'd be an expert about, but that he really is scared about this deal and what's going to happen to him as a result.

I loved the interaction between the two of them here, too.  I liked when, after the first call, Dean said it cut out and asked Sam what to say if Dad calls again.  You could tell Sam really couldn't believe it and he was at a loss for words as he said "Hello?"

We saw both boys get quite whumped.  Sadly no rescuing each other (even though Sam really wanted to rescue Dean) or patching each other up, but that conversation they had at the end made up for it IMO.  Another scene that really broke my heart:  Dean apologizing and admitting to Sam that he really wanted to believe it was John, that he thought there was really something that could get him out of this deal, and about how scared he is.  *hugs Dean massively*   I really loved this moment:

Dean: the only one who can save me is me.
Sam: ..  And me. (awwwww, Sammy!!!)
Dean: *looks at him*  And me? That's it?
Sam: What, do you want a poem?

(paraphrasing again of course)
Then Dean turns the TV on and they just sit there, staring at the TV and drinking beers.  Totally in line with Dean's whole "no chick flick moments"  persona. 

So, this all leads me to wonder just what Sam will do to try and save Dean.  How far will he go?  Will we see the extent of it in the season finale, or will it continue into next season?  I guess one way or another, we'll find out.

Preview for next week's ep looked good.  So creepy - almost reminded me of the one for A Very Supernatural Christmas.  Looking forward to it!
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