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Puppy!Sam Picspam #12 (Supernatural)

Happy Friday everyone! It's time again for Puppy! But first... it's a very special boy's birthday today, so...

Happy 25th Birthday, Sam Winchester! Grown from a handsome little boy into a very hot boy (

*ahem* So, anyway, it's time again for...

Episode #1x12: Faith

Quite image-heavy.  If you see anything you like, please feel free to take.

1. Hi, Puppy. Oh, you're busy on a hunt. Should we come back later? ... nah I think I will stick around. ;)

2. Why the bitchface, though? Pre-bitchface for the Rawhead?

3. Uh oh... poor Puppy almost became Rawhead food

4. Poor shaken Puppy... *grabs his PuppyPaw and helps him up*

5. Oh no! The Rawhead is taking Dean down and Puppy is in total shock!

6. And here we see Sad!Puppy beginning to emerge.  Poor baby checking on his brother's condition...

7. He shouldn't be alone in this condition... fortunately the fangirls are here to help ;)

8. :'(

9.  Aww.... *pets Puppy*

10. The PuppyEyes™ try to keep from a-waterin' as the doc updates him

11. Just look how worried he is... those PuppyEyes™ convey it so well

12. He so looks like he's trying hard to keep from crying.. be strong, Puppy

13. "Oh, Hai, fangirls. I really appreciate the attention, but, um, now's really not the time... think you can come back a little later?"

14. Bzuh?Puppy

15. And so Puppy loses the battle and starts getting teary...

16. He just can't imagine doing everything without Dean.... his pain is so visible

17.  *hugs Puppy*

18. Facial Shrug Alert!

19. Hai, PuppyDimple!

20. Oh, he is such a wreck here.  Biting the fingernails, eyes filled with tears.  Oh, Puppy, you break our hearts... :(  *gives more hugs*

21. Totally Shocked!Puppy.  He can't decide whether he wants to grab Dean and hug him, or rush him back to the hospital where he'd be more comfy

22. He decides to bitchface Dean for doing such a reckless thing

23.  He really looks like a little kid here

24. "I'm not gonna let you die, period!" And so we begin to see Determined!Puppy.  Awwww (does anyone get tired of me saying that? lol)

25. Nurse Puppy leads the way

26. Hee! Look at the flying PuppyMop! :D

27. Awwww, Puppy... can just picture him wagging his tail here

28. PuppySmirk! Hiding his worry for Dean behind some amusement

29. *ruffles PuppyMop*  *licks PuppyDimple*

30. Puppy is so cute with his insistence that they sit up front

31. Dean's lack of faith seems to worry Puppy

32. It's the Thoughtful!Puppy head tilt!

33.  He is so hoping that this can help Dean...oh, Puppy *hugs*

34. *pets*

35. "You want to WHAT, Ma'am? Pet the Puppy?"

36. Uh oh. Dean has already embarrassed Puppy. See that bitchface?

37. 'ScuseMe??Puppy

38. "Get up there!"  Hee hee... he's such a mother hen! ;)

39. *squeee* He is so cute with that hopeful little smile

40. He so wants this to work...  wait a minute... Puppy is backwards here! Check out the mole...

41. Ah, that's better. :)  Anyway he so wants this to work... just wants his brother back.  Poor boy

42 The PuppyEyes
show such a mixture of faith, hope and worry.... damn they're good

43. A fangirl's eye view ;)

44. No words except, *high pitched squeal*

45. The PuppyEyes™ making sure Dean is okay (aka that they still work on Dean)

46. Guess they're not back to working on him just yet... here comes the bitchface

47. Aw...Puppy is so glad to have his brother back :)

48. Puppy doing, ahem, research

49. "What? No, I wasn't looking at porn... honest."

50. Puppy is incredulous that Dean would think such a thing

51. Dang, those are luscious lips...

52. "Did I just hear someone say 'those are luscious lips'?"

53. Hm, pretty lighting here

54. Facial Shrug #2!

55. Puppy is mildly surprised

56. Puppy snooping around in Roy's house

57. Uh oh. Roy is hereby awarded the Puppy Seal of Disapproval

58. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

59. Always good to have the Puppy Protection System in place. *nods*

60. Some pretty PuppyMop here...

61. More nice lighting... and is that smirk'age I see?

62. More lip porn... *dies*

63. Puppy cannot believe Layla finds Dean more attractive than him

64. But reasons it's because he hasn't had the chance to hit her with the PuppyEyes
. "Once that happens, she'll be MINE."
Dean: "Whatever, dude..."

65. Shocked!Puppy stumbles upon Sue Ann's stash

66. Puppy puts forth a plan to ruin Sue Ann's day. Starting with a bitchface. Go, Puppy!

67. And he........ oops, forgot what I was saying... damn distractions...

68. Puppy knows Sue Ann can't see him, but he bitchfaces her anyway

69. Puppy finally gets the opportunity to use the PuppyEyes
on Layla

70. Sadly, they don't work.  Oh, well. Puppy is just glad Dean is back.


71. Puppy proves he is just as cute in the deleted scenes ;D

Bitchface count: 6
Facial Shrugs: 2

Hope you liked today's picspam. :) They will return on Monday with #1x13 Route 666.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!
ETA 8/13/10: I'll be away for a week with limited internet access, so the picspam for Route 666 will be posted after I get back. Thanks! :)
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