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Yay for weekends...

Sorry I'm a little behind with responding to comments here.  Had a ton of things to do when I got home from work yesterday, errands, housework...then sat in front of the tv (I will catch up though!).

Speaking of which...

Last two eps were pretty good. I liked the conclusion to Eye of the Gorgon.  I'm glad that Maria's dad hadn't totally turned to stone and that they were able to get him back to his old self.  I felt so bad for her when she went to talk to Bea (the elderly woman), she seemed so desperate trying to get through to the woman so she could help her.  And you could tell how upset she was when she yelled at Sarah Jane that she wishes she'd never met her and gotten involved in all this (glad they apologized and made up though :)). Was a bit frightened at the prospect of Sarah Jane becoming the new "host" (or whatever it was) to the Gorgon.  I'm glad they were able to free the nuns from the hold the Gorgon had on them and shut down that opening to the other dimension.  And the ending where they gave the talisman back to Bea to help her become more like her old self was so touching - especially when she slipped it over her head and she heard her late husband's voice tell her that he loved her.  That was a very nice touch.  I was a bit confused after that, though.  Did she die?

As for part 1 of the second ep, Warriors of Kudlak... interesting premise so far.  What exactly did they want the children for? Was it to actually be warriors to them on their ship or was it to eat them? I thought they wanted to eat them but my memory is a little fuzzy at this point. 

Can I say again how much Clyde cracks me up? He was so cute with his insistence on  helping Luke perfect all the different slang expressions.  And in his excitement over the whole game. *hugs Clyde* Speaking of which, Luke cracked me up in his attempts to learn all the slang.  His butchering of phrases reminded me so much of Teal'c on early Stargate SG-1 (with the "undomesticated equines could not remove me" and etc.). Heh. Adorable. :)  Of course they end the episode at a tense moment.  How are they going to get out of this?  Looking forward to finding out.

Cool ep of Dr. Who too.  I loved the Doctor's explanation to Donna about how they could read everything in English and understand the natives in English.  And of course they try out Latin phrases on innocent passers-by, like that salesman (or whatever he was) - and it turned out they thought they were speaking Celtic.  Heh.

I find the Doctor's relationship with Donna pretty interesting so far.  They had quite a bit of tension throughout most of the episode, especially when Donna kept pleading with him to try changing things to spare the city of the fallout from Vesuvius.  I liked how it kind of tied into the Doctor's past, with Gallifrey (I know I spelled it wrong, lol) having been reduced to flames and him losing everyone.

I liked the family they met there.  I pretty much thought something was up with the daughter.  I was a little puzzled by the "sisterhood" though and exactly what they were doing.  They were worshiping some beings that dwelt within Vesuvius? Was that it? That something allowed them to see into the future or something to that effect?  I was surprised when the daughter and that elder(?) who had visited the family knew of the Doctor.

Getting back to the tension between him and Donna, I liked how they appeared to resolve things at the end. I liked how she did convince him to go back and at least save that family.  Was glad that he'd at least transported them a good distance away from the destruction and told them what would happen.

Looking forward to next week's ep.

I'll most likely be MIA tomorrow.  Going with suzotchka and a few of her friends to see Patrick Stewart in Macbeth on Broadway.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Should be fun and will take my mind off a ton of crazy RL stuff. 

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.
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