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Puppy!Sam Picspam #13 (Supernatural)

Happy Back-to-Work(and/or School) Day, everyone :D (sorry, couldn't resist being cheeky this morning, lol) Here is something that will hopefully make the day a little better...

Episode #1x13: Route 666

36 66 images here so not very dial-up friendly. If there's anything you like feel free to take.

1. Hi, Puppy. Need help figuring out that map? ... or with anything else?

2. Alrighty, then... Heh, Fangirl Alert ;)

3. Puppy is somewhat uncomfortable about Dean's refusal to go to Pennsylvania.

4. Wow, this fangirl sure doesn't want to give up. ;)

5. Puppy finds out there's something else he can tease Dean about. Dean isn't looking too amused.

6. Hai, PuppyDimple! Come on out, don't be shy!

7. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

8. Now Puppy is the one who's not amused (how could Dean blab the FamilySecret(TM)?)

9. Yup, bit o' bitchface for big brother (how's that for illiteration? *g*)

10. Huh. A cute, giant puppy enters the building and no one bats an eyelash? It just doesn't make any sense...

11. Puppy still seems amused about Dean... doesn't look like he's gonna let this one go easily

12. Puppy kills us with cuteness as he greets Cassie

13. PuppyDimples alert!!

14. Puppy needs the info, so he hits Cassie with the PuppyEyes™

15. Puppy's "see? I care" face

16. Awww, QuietlyAmused!Puppy

17. A Kewt!Puppy greeting for Cassie's mom :)

18. Puppy bitchfaces the mayor, even though he hasn't heard much of the conversation yet... guess you could call it a "pre-bitchface"...

19. ,,, And again!

20. Concerned!Puppy ... *nibbles PuppyNeck... just 'cause...*

21. Facial Shrug Alert!

22. Puppy playing dress-up. Oh yeah - wear it good, Puppy!!

23. Hm, maybe I shouldn't have said that so loud... I think he heard me

24. Facial Shrug #2!

25. Please wear suits more often, Puppy!

26. Yep, even though they're in the middle of an important case, Puppy still needs to go for walkies

27. Uh, Puppy's walkies have been cut short... so he bitchfaces Dean

28. Thoughtful!Puppy

29. The world's cutest insurance agent... "May I interest you in the PuppyEyes™ Protection Plan?

30. SomewhatConfused!Puppy

31. Their work is now done here, so back to walkies! Puppy is squeeing on the inside *nods*

32. Facial Shrug #3!

33. Facial Shrug #4! (wow, Puppy is really on a roll!)

34, And now he's back to being amused! Work those dimples, Puppy!

35. *licks PuppyDimple*

36. Ah, the "blink or something!" moment. I suspect he loves doing this to Dean.

37. OMIGAWD!Puppy

38. Could this possibly be the smirkiest Puppy episode?

39. Puppy's having SO much fun! Probably gleeful at the prospect of running around in the snow. Dean doesnt look too happy though...

40. Aw, how precious does he look with a few snowflakes in his hair??

41. Tee hee, what a funny face! Looks like Puppy's got an itch that he can't quite scratch ;)

42. PaperChase!Puppy  *pets PuppyMop*

43. Puppy is enthralled by Cassie's mom's story

44. And now he's getting concerned

45. It's the Confuzzled!Puppy Head Tilt!

46. Aw... Puppy understands her pain

47. Concerned!Puppy listens attentively to Dean's plan

48. Facial Shrug #5!

49. He doesn't look too sure that it'll work

50. Hm.... Naughty!Puppy?

51. Aw...he's so danged cute! Back to being amused at Dean

52. Gah... this cuteness needs to come with a warning label

53. Pyro!Puppy

54. Puppy is strangely somber as they burn Cyrus' corpse

55. Phantom trucks freak Puppy out

56. *nibbles PuppyNeck to calm him*

57. Puppy hides from the killer phantom truck

58. Puppy manages to look cute even when making an important phone call...

59. ...And when he's rattling off important information...

60. Facial Shrug #6! (the "honestly, that thought hadn't occured to me" moment... lol)

61. Wow he looks so young here...

62. Aw...look how he respects his big brother by giving him some time to say his goodbyes to Cassie (and he's claimed dibs on driving the Impala this time! *grin*)

63. And he seems somewhat jealous.... awww. Well, we'll fix that right now! *joins with other fangirls to keep Puppy company*

64. Yep, you're in good hands with Puppy at the wheel *grin* (and I love Dean's wistful expression, too)

65. Hm, interesting look Puppy's giving Dean

66. Aw... he still looks slightly amused but also happy that Dean seems to be at peace (and nice shades there, Dean).

Bitchface count: 3 (all at Dean)
Facial Shrugs: 6

Okay, that's it for today. Puppy will be back on Wednesday hopefully Friday in #1x14 Nightmare.  Have a good day everyone. :)
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