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Question for my Stargate f-listers...

... who have seen the spoilers for Atlantis and the episodes that Michael Shanks is appearing in.

There are some details about the eps on Solution's site HERE

Comments behind a cut for some vague spoilers...

That Sam won't be in these episodes (it's a two-parter) because Woolsey is mentioned in the details.  I'd heard she was supposed to do a few episodes of SGA this coming season, but I'm assuming that the Daniel episodes will take place after she leaves?

I figured we wouldn't get a chance to see them interact some more.

I'm so bummed. :( 

I wonder if Daniel will mention how things are back on Earth with his friends - especially Sam since she'll be gone. Wonder if there will be any mention of her returning to Earth and going back with SG-1.  I don't expect there to be but it would be nice.  Then again I've learned to keep my expectations pretty low with this show recently.  And as I'm sure a lot of you know, I've almost worn out my copy of "The Power of Negative Thinking." *grin*

On the up side, it will be interesting to see Daniel and Rodney together...
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