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Puppy!Sam Picspam #14 (Supernatural)

Happy Hump Day everyone. :D  It's time again for

Episode #1x14: Nightmare

Over 50 90 images here, so not dial-up friendly.  If you like anything, please feel free to take. :)

1. Hi, Puppy... another nightmare? Let me comfort you :D

2. Awww... *gets wet facecloth*

3. What I would give for a Puppy wake-up call... I don't care what time it is... *g*

4. *stares at PuppyBicep* You need to wear t-shirts more often, Puppy. Just FYI.

5. I know it's hard to tell in the dark, but wow, are those PuppyEyes™ soooo earnest...

6. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

7. It's the SooooNotInTheMoodForYourBS!Puppy Eye-roll ;D

8. The lighting isn't the best, but poor Puppy looks so bleak here...

9. *tsk* Dean should know better than to interrupt Puppy while he's impersonating an officer of the law.

10. *licks PuppyDimple*

11. Sorry, Puppy... looks like you were too late

12. Aww... he almost looks like he's going to cry...

13. *hugs Puppy*

14. Hm, nice lighting here... and nice PuppyEyes

15. Puppy can't believe Dean just suggested that

16. Puppy loves to console people, but for some reason doesn't think the family will want to talk to them.  Oh come on...who wouldn't want to talk to a puppy?

17. Whoa, what just happened... are we trying something different with the PuppyMop?

18. Hey, it's Father Simmons and Father Puppy -er, Frehley

19. Huh, Looks like Father Frehley was attempting to do Blue Steel... don't think that's quite a good idea at the moment, Puppy

20. Facial Shrug Alert!

21. He conveys his sympathy to Roger via the newly found ForeheadCrinkles...

22. *pats Puppy on the head*

23. Aw... he is so cute playing dress-up! (and so is Dean, as a matter of fact)

24. Hee... Eager To Please!Puppy

25.  lol, I always love this part when he jerks his hand away after touching it.  The teacup was too hot? I wonder if that was scripted or if Jared ad-libbed it (or it really WAS too hot)?

26, Hm, Puppy seems a little nervous.  It's okay, Puppy... you're doing just fine :)

27. Oooh, Bitchface!Puppy! *tsk* Why must Dean embarrass him so much? Meanie older brother....

28. "Just tone it down a little bit - Father." Heh.. 

29. Puppy is concerned.  Sadly the PuppyMop is restrained ... but at least he can still work the PuppyEyes

30. PuppyDimples alert!!

31. "I am Puppy, and I care."

32. Let's get a close up, shall we?  Boy, those PuppyEyes
are just brimming with sympathy

33. Dean's failure to find any clues makes Puppy bitchface

34. Yay! PuppyMop is back! Poor Puppy looks exhausted, though... *fluffs pillows*

35. *stops fluffing and stares* Oops, I got distracted again... heh...

36. Fangirl Alert ;D

37. Yep, PuppyMop is now back to normal... but he appears to be feeling ill

38. Puppy's powers are scaring him. Here he used the PuppyEyes
to convince Dean to drive to Roger Miller's apartment

39. Ooh, we got some flying PuppyHair as he races to rescue Roger from certain death

40. Meanie Roger... how could he shut out the adorable puppy?

41. And now Puppy bitchfaces him through the door

42. OhNoes!Puppy

43. Too late again... sorry, Puppy :(

44. *pets Puppy*

45. Oh look, it worked.... looks like he's cheered up now :)

46. Father Puppy pays another visit to Max

47. Tee hee... I see a PuppyDimple sticking out :D

48. Max's strange behavior dismays Puppy... and makes him bitchface

49. Looks like someone's waving a ball in front of Puppy's face.  "Hey, boy. See the ball? See the pretty new ball? Want me to throw the ball? Huh? Huh???"

50. What a difference the PuppyMop and PuppyHoodie make

51. Hmm, a fangirl has sensed Puppy's discomfort and has decided to help him out

52. Yep, he seems to be feeling better now ;)

53.  *tsk* shouldn't have eaten your ice cream so fast

54. Aw, he's feeling unwell again... I suggest we administer TLC immediately (yes, Dean, you can help out too if you like).

55. Hm, looks like Puppy is liking the sound of that. We'd better get to work ASAP. Can you drive a little faster, Dean?

56. Awww... can't help myself... *gives him a hug right here*

57. *nibbles PuppyNeck again to calm him*

58. Facial Shrug #2!

59. Hee hee... they look so cute when they're caught off-guard.  Though I love Puppy's posture here... he looks so proper, almost like "and how are you doing this fine afternoon?" ;)

60. "Gee, that's awfully nice of you to say, Mrs. Miller. I didn't think I was that hot... but we're hear to help your son..."

61. Gah, you're doing it again! Killing me with cuteness!....... please continue...

62. "C'mon, look at this PuppyFace... can't resist, can ya?"

63. EEP!! *flatlines*

64. Oh...the PuppyEyes
sense there is something wrong

65. Protective!Puppy

66. Puppy tries to control Max with a bitchface

67. Is it me or does he look like he's about 6 years old here?

68. WHAT?!! Who could ever point a gun at this sweet little face??

69. "See these? There's magic in these here PuppyEyes
™.... look at them, Max... look at them..."

70. Brave!Puppy doesn't want Dean hanging around

71. Puppy tries to talk Max down with the PuppyEyes

72. Dean however is relentless, so Puppy gives him a bitchface warning while keeping the PuppyEyes
™ on Max

73.  Oh, my... PuppyEyes
, PuppyLips, PuppyMop, PuppyHoodie... such a fine package

74. Ooo.... Do NOT piss Puppy off!

75. Gotta admire Puppy for taking the time to talk to Max and try to get him to come around...

76. The PuppyEyes
™ try desperately to make a point

77.  MajorlyConfuzzled!Puppy

78. PuppyMop frames those PuppyEyes
so nicely here :D

79. Turning the PuppyEyes
up a notch. Max, you will obey Puppy! Hear me? OBEY!!

80. Puppy! Noooo!!

81. Owwie!!BrainGoes'Splody!Puppy

82. Ooh, SooperSpeshal!Puppy found a way to free himself!

83. Puppy to the rescue! *cue heroic music*

84. Look at that face... he is so desperate... so wishing this will work...

85. Aww! Hopeful!Puppy smile :D

86. Eeep!! Puppy Freak Out! Sure wasn't expecting that (but at least he saved Dean!)

87. Awww..... Puppy, you did your best

88. He's doing it again.... seriously, how does he manage to look so young?

89. Puppy is disappointed that he can't bend spoons

Aw... he's scared about this whole thing, but he really wants to believe Dean (*hugs Sam* *then hugs big brother Dean for that wonderful line of his*)

91. Puppy is stunned that Dean would even think about using his Puppy Powers for monetary gain!

Today's picspam is brought to you by the letter "P" (for Puppy of course...).  Hope you enjoyed it. :) On Friday Monday (hopefully) we'll visit with Caged!Puppy for #1x15 The Benders. 
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