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My stalker is at it again

Okay, I know I just posted, but I'm so pissed off right now.

Not sure if anyone remembers, but just over a year ago I got into this argument with this guy on who'd written an SG-1 fic.  It was Cam/Vala and he snuck a S/J wedding into it, even though he only said the story was C/V.  I brought it up in my review and said I wished he would have mentioned S/J as one of the pairings.  He got into a huge argument with me about Sam/Daniel being brother and sister, and that 1) S/J is CANON; and 2) S/J "IS the show."  And he gave me thousands of examples showing how Sam and Jack love each other from all the episodes.  We exchanged a couple of emails and he said we'll just agree to disagree and then dropped it.

I thought it was over, but every so often if he noticed me reviewing another Cam/Vala story, he'd review it as well and bring up S/D even if the story had nothing to do with it. Comments like "Sam and Daniel are brother and sister and I don't know why some disturbed, misguided souls see it as more than that."  I think the guy has a HUGE chip on his shoulder.

Well right now I just got a notification that he'd left me a review for one of my fics. I wrote a C/V drabble called The Red Silk Nightie. Here was his review:

"short, but good. Please, NO Sam/Daniel! When the hell did SD (shudder) become
a sinonym for CamVala?"


Dear Idiot,

1. Yes it's short because it's a drabble.  A drabble is exactly 100 words long.
2. Um... *scans fic for the 100th time* Sam/Daniel? Was there any S/D in this piece? I sure as heck didn't see any. 
3. Yes, you've told me countless times now of your discomfort with Sam/Daniel. I GET IT. 
4. S/D is a synonym (nice spelling, BTW) for C/V? Really? That's news to me. How many stories do you see on that are S/D & C/V?

Now please haul your ass somewhere else and leave me alone.

I am seriously, SERIOUSLY, sick and tired of people like this moron with their never-ending quests to convert people to their ship that they see as the right one.  This guy has such a huge chip on his shoulder he's lopsided.  I guess he didn't learn from his little exchange with me last time. 

I replied to him and said there was no hint of Sam/Daniel in the drabble.  I didn't even mention the characters (except that Vala had gone on a shopping trip with Sam - but there was no mention of Daniel whatsoever).  I said I know he hates S/D and he doesn't have to mention it all the time. I wish he'd keep it out when my story had nothing to do with it.  I said he's got a huge chip on his shoulder and I wish he could just let it go and we could agree to disagree. 

Whatever happened to just not reading something if you didn't like it?  I know some very pleasant, respectful S/J shippers (many of them right here on LJ) but this jerk gives shipping as a whole a bad name. 

I really am thinking of not posting my Stargate stories on anymore.  I'm tired of the harassment. 

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