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Supernatural #3.15 Time Is On My Side (episode review)

My thoughts as I watched this episode.  Have only watched it once thus far, so some things may be a little disjointed or incomplete... but FWIW, here we go :)

Okay, for some reason I thought the guy who gets attacked at the beginning (one of the auto shop guys) looked like Kavan Smith, who plays Maj. Lorne in Stargate Atlantis.  I was literally yelling out "Lorne!!" when I got a good look at him. 

But... um... when the boys were talking to the guy in the hospital, that was indeed not him. Was that a different guy who they were interviewing (the one who had his kidney stolen), or was it the guy who got attacked at the beginning? 'Cause if it is, then I'm really embarrassed about my squeee. *looks around sheepishly*

Anyway... We get boys in suits again. Yay!  Loved when the coroner asked to see their IDs, and he said something like "you're not cops (or you're not just cops), you're morons" and Dean's reply was something like "no we're not, we're actually quite smart"... not a direct quote but it gave me a chuckle.

Sam's back on research duty again in the motel room. I loved how he went into detail about the maggots and stuff, and poor Dean had to tell him twice, "Dude, I'm eating."  And then Sam mentioning fecal matter and saying "lost your appetite yet?" Heh... I bet he loves doing this to Dean. ;)

So we switch over to our next victim, guy jogging.  Can't imagine what's in store for him........... ;)
And of course over to Doc Benton's place.  Ugh... maggots.  And did I suspect he'd get his heart stolen after being shown mucho footage of his heart rate monitor even before he got captured? Still....... *winces*

Both boys.... I just have to give them a big hug.  Dean finds out that Sam really wanted to go after Benton because he thinks there's something that can help Dean - the whole immortality thing.  Dean is insistent on getting the Colt back from Bela, even more so after he gets a lead from Bobby (great to see ya again, Bobby, if even for a short while - missed ya).  Sam so wants to help Dean and insists there's no point in going after Bela because she's probably already sold the Colt.  He wants Dean to stay here so he can help him.  Dean doesn't want Sam to go anywhere - I think we see him being just a bit protective (or at the least, very concerned) of Sam.

The look on Dean's face when Sam insisted he was going to go after Benton... it almost made me cry.  His face and his tone of voice when he said "Be careful, Sammy."  And Sam's "You too."  Oh, boys.   *hugs them*

So we see Sam with another car rental, this time a Jeep! And he used the clicky thing to lock and unlock it again!! Hmm, a bit of Yuppie!Sam left over from last episode? *nudges meg_tdj *

Dean's exchange with that Rufus guy was pretty interesting.  How does he know about Dean's short time left I wonder? Guys like him just know stuff... huh...   And he's got quite a dossier on Bela.  I did get a little kick out of Dean's "I'll try anything once, but that doesn't sound very comfortable" line when Rufus mentioned something about "doing her ear."  Heh.  Dean appeared a little grim when he mentioned that guys like them get their due eventually... that Dean would become just like him.

Sam inside Benton's lair...   Poor girl with the bloody arms and maggots crawling on her. Ewww.  I honestly didn't think he would make it back to the car with her.  I loved how he kept up with the little "sorry"'s when he was placing her inside and stuff... what a polite boy. ;)  I figured they weren't going to get out of this one so easily, but Go Sam for mowing Benton down.

And Dean finally catches up with Bela.  Interesting info about her, I have to say.  Her real name is Abby? So, her parents were killed in an accident but it was all quite suspicious.  I found the flashback to be a bit murky.... from what I could gather, her parents were mean to her? She had them killed and collected the inheritance.  I was confused as to the significance of Dean looking at that spot on the wall behind him before deciding not to shoot her.  But this show is so good in explaining things away, even if it's at a later time.

So who was it she was talking to on the phone after Dean left? Saying that Dean found her, Sam wasn't with him, but she knew where they were?

Okay, was not quite expecting Benton to find Sam at the motel like that... er, half not expecting anyway... 

Poor boy... this season he lost a fingernail, lost Dean on countless Tuesdays, and now he was going to lose a set of eyes?? Gotta say that Benton was sooooo creepy, though.  Billy Drago did quite a good job with him.  It's so icky that he steals people's organs to stay alive.  It's almost like a living Frankenstein.

Yay, Dean to the rescue!  I loved his "Wakey, Wakey. Eggs and Bac-y" line.  Cute!Dean.

Benton insists he could help them, that he could read out the formula to them (and he also knows about Dean's deal? Wow, word travels doesn't it?).  You could see the gears really turning in Sam's head, thinking it could be used to help Dean.  He really looked crushed when Dean said he would never do it, that he'd rather go to Hell.  OH, Sam.....

On a totally shallow note... hmm, some almost-bangs for Sam when they were burying Benton? *grin*

The ending... Ugh! Bela walks up to the motel room that Sam and Dean had, walks in and shoots at the beds, thinking they're under the covers.  *shakes head disgusted* I'm almost glad she's not coming back next season. 

So glad there were only blow-up dolls under there.  And then Dean's call...  Things getting a little more interesting.  Let me see if I have it straight... Bela didn't kill her parents alone - she had the help of a demon (a creepy little girl demon at that), with whom she made a deal for 10 years.  Now her time is up.  Okay, I like that they did give Bela some backstory, but I think it's a case of too little, too late, at least IMHO.  I don't know if it would have helped if we didn't have the strike and had more episodes, but I'm just at a "take her or leave her" point now.  I don't fault Lauren Cohan for anything. I think she did as good a job as she could with the material she was given.  But she came off as a bit too Mary Sue-ish for me and I'm not devastated that she won't be back. (no offense to Bela fans who might be reading this, honest)

So where does this leave us? They don't have the Colt, Lilith is after Sam (interesting that Bela said the deal she made had changed, and that Lilith held her contract as well as Dean's, and wanted Sam), there appears to be no way out for Dean.... 

Oh, boys. *hugs them again* 

They were separated for most of the episode and I wasn't too crazy about that... but some lovely angst and seeing again just how all of this is affecting them both. Sam almost desperate to find a way to save Dean, Dean still worrying about Sam, especially with the way he insists that if he gets out of this, Sam dies.......

So I thought this was a pretty good ep. :)  I can't believe we only have 1 left.  And as for next week's preview.... all I'll say is this.  "OMG."

I can't decide whether I'm worried about it being only a week away, or whether I can't wait to see it.

And praying that the actors don't go on strike either so there won't be a huge delay in finding out what happens.
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