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Puppy!Sam Picspam #15 (Supernatural)

And so we've made it to Friday.  To celebrate here is a little

Episode #1x15: The Benders

Not as many pics this time (less than 60), but still not very dial-up friendly.  Again if you see anything you like, please feel free to take. The lighting on some of these is pretty crummy but I tried to clean it up as best as I could.

1. Hi, Puppy... oh, you're looking different today...

2. Some sympathetic ForeheadCrinkles for Evan

3. Fangirl alert :D

4. Skeptical!Puppy

5. Once again, the PuppyMop is restrained. Hm, a portent of things to come?

6. Puppy is NOT amused

7. Yep, we've got bitchface...

8. Hee... PuppyDimple alert :D

9. The PuppyEyes™ (and ForeheadCrinkles) need more info...

10. Curious!Puppy

11. Yay, PuppyMop is back to normal!

12. Hm, does Puppy seem just a bit eager?

13. Puppy wonders if he would be any good at darts...

14. Facial Shrug Alert!

15. "What the...? Oh, Hai, fangirl!"

16. PuppySmirk!

17. Awww... HappilyAmused!Puppy ... bless :)

18. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

19. Puppy's confuzzled... the fangirl he met earlier asked him to meet her in the parking lot, but she's nowhere to be found. Poor Puppy.... *calls other fangirls and rushes to join him*

20. Investigator!Puppy

21. Whatcha see, Puppy?

22. What a pretty smile *flails*

23. *iz ded*

24. Puppy was a bad dog, and so is caged now.

25. Puppy hates being caged... see how he bitchfaces the bars?

26. Puppy makes friends with another caged up puppy

27. But the other puppy doesn't want to be friends.... awwww :( *pets Puppy through bars*

28. Aw...poor Puppy wants to be free so bad :(

29. See? He thinks flashing the PuppyEyes
will get them to let him out

30. Puppy's bored... but looks like he's found a new toy

31. Puppy tries to escape!

32. Huh... guess it didn't work

33. So he uses the PuppyEyes

34. Aww... poor Puppy

35. Determined!Puppy

36. Aw... doesn't that face make you want to take him home?

37. He's so excited!

38. Oh, yeah, in case you didn't know, Puppy wants out already

39. But he's willing to wait for one of us fan girls... *cough* I mean, Dean, to come over and let him out

40. Gah... that's it, if Dean doesn't get over there soon, I'm gonna let him out myself... and hug him and cuddle him and....... I'll stop there ;)

41. Look at him... he's ready to just bound out of that cage as soon as the door opens!

42. *ruffles the PuppyMop*

43. When puppies attack!!

44. Puppy takes on his mean captors. Go, Puppy!!

45. The guy is out cold, but that doesn't stop Puppy from bitchfacing him

46. AttackDog!Puppy lies in wait...

47. Go get 'em, boy!

48. I'llTeachYouToCageME,Biatch!Puppy

49. It's okay, Puppy. You got them all. Take a breather!

50. SlightlyPissed!Puppy

51. He really would like to get his Puppy hands on Pa Bender... looks like Kathleen's got it taken care of, though

52. *pets Puppy*   *smooths down the fast-growing PuppyMop*

53.  *nibbles PuppyNeck... again*

54. Hm, something's commanding Puppy's attention here

55. Dang, the PuppyEyes
™ are so pretty here......... *stares*

56. Facial Shrug #2!

57. Puppy looking a little worse for wear, but glad to be free. *hugs him ..... and Dean*

Bitchface count: 3 (at Dean, his cage, and one of the Bender brothers)
Facial Shrugs: 2

We'll be back again on Monday with #1x16 Shadow. Lots of Puppy goodness, including Sneaky!Puppy and Whumped!Puppy (aka Limp!Puppy).  Have a great weekend everyone. :)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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