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Puppy!Sam Picspam #16 (Supernatural)

Yep, it's a Monday, and how happy can a Monday be? Here is something that I hope makes it a little better:

Episode #1x16: Shadow

More than 50 images here, so not dial-up friendly.  As aways if you see anything you like, please take.  The lighting isn't too great on some of these but I tried to fix them as much as I could.

1. Hiya, Puppy.

2. Doesn't Puppy just look darling in that outfit with the personalized nametag? 

3. *pets the PuppyHair*

4. Apparently he's amused that he overheard a group of fangirls say that very thing (how darling he looks). Dean is jealous that no one's said a word about him (awww, poor Dean...).

5. Heh, PuppySmirk :D

6. The PuppyEyes™ wonder if the victim's apartment has any PuppyTreats contained within... aw Puppy, we know you're hungry, but this isn't really the time...

7. Aww, Amused!Puppy... that landlady is quite a cut-up *g*

8. Hm, nice lighting here. He's using the PuppyEyes™ on the landlady, apparently.  The PuppyMop isn't looking too shabby, either...

9. See? Aw... Curious!Puppy

10. *scratches Puppy under his neck* Hm... I think he really likes that :D

11. Fangirl alert! ;)

12. Aw, who can resist the Puppy?

13. Especially when he does that? *flails*

14. Eager!Puppy trying to convince Dean that this is their kind of gig

15. PuppyDimples!!

16. Puppy seems a bit confounded... need some help, hon? With.... anything? ;D

17. The
PuppyEyes™ are losing their patience with Dean. He better stop the shenanigans, or the bitchface is next

18. Yep, he is trying re
eeeeally hard to stifle Mr. Bitchface

19. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

20. Confused!Puppy

21. We fangirls hate it when Puppy is confused... so we try to help him as much as we can... and if he loses his train of thought -- oh well ;)

22. Every time a puppy enters the buildings, girls get all up in arms... *tsk* ;)

23. Even if it doesn't look like it, the
PuppyEyes™ are ready to par-tay!

24. "PuppyTreats, Herbal Essences Shampoo, PuppyTreats, gummi worms, thank-you gift for fangirls, PuppyTreats..." Oops, it's Puppy's shopping list... how did that get in there??

25. Puppy does not approve of Dean's info gathering methods

26. Though he does find it somewhat amusing...

27. "Mind doing a little thinking with your upstairs brain?" Heh... clever Puppy :D

28. *pets the overgrown PuppyMop*

29. Something in the paper has Puppy a little nonplussed...

30. Oh yeah... there is definitely a fangirl under the table ;D

31. Hm.... whatcha thinking, Puppy?

32. Puppy spots an old friend


34. Even if Meg didn't remember him, she sure wouldn't be able to resist a cute Puppy randomly walking up to her in a bar

35. Aww......

36. Oh, to be Meg here...

37. Aww, it's the Awkward!Puppy smile :)

38. Puppy is so happy to have found her again.  Dean thinks it's cute, apparently.

39. Turning the PuppyEyes™ up on high beam again

40. Awkward,ButStillTryingtoAppearPolite!Puppy

41. Uh oh, Dean has begun to invoke Puppy's wrath... the bitchface can't be far behind

42. Back to appearing 6 years old.  And look at how flicky-outy his hair is here :)

43. Yep, Puppy has magically (or not-so-magically I guess) reverted to a 6 year old

44. Dang, he's so cute... how do you do that, Puppy?

45. Seriously... it's *not* illegal to look this cute? Really??

46. Hai, PuppyDimple! Don't be shy...

47. Ooh, very awkward set of

48. Hi, this is the *muffled giggle* mayor of Chicago. Did you know that your... *snicker*... refrigerator is running?...No, really, it is.  Go check. I'll wait on the line.  *giggles like a schoolgirl*

49. Aw, Puppy's so disappointed that his naughty peeping is for nothing

50. Oh, wait a minute...

51. Uh oh...

52. Naughty, naughty Puppy...

53. Not that that's a bad thing, of course...

54.  Puppy is hiding/snooping.  Too shy to knock on Meg's door I guess...

55. And finds something interesting. ("What the hell...? Meg piled puppy treats onto this table in such a weird pattern...with some demonic symbols? She thinks I'm gonna fall for that? What does she think I am?" *resists urge to snatch up treats*)

56.  Puppy relates to Dean how hurt he is that Meg has insulted his intelligence in such an obscene way

57. Curious!Puppy

58. Bzuh?Puppy

59. And now Puppy is all too eager to learn what research Dean has dug up

60. Heh... he's listening so intently. Dean must be commanding his attention by waving a doggy treat in front of his face

61. Awwww, Puppy injured himself ransacking the trunk... *snaps nurse uniform on*  Huh, also seems to have made a quick trip down to the barber to get the PuppyMop trimmed beforehand.,,,

62. And now he looks a bit guilty.... "what? No, I didn't do anything to it.... " *raises eyebrows so Dean won't notice*

64. Puppy getting all wistful over happy endings of lollipops and candy canes... oh, and dead Demons who kill mommies and girlfriends, of course

65. Puppy doesn't understand... doesn't Dean want the same?

66. Oh, yeah, he's majorly confused...

67. Puppy is breaking Dean's heart.  Oh, Puppy. How could you do it? And then you flash those
PuppyEyes™ so people won't be mad at you...

68. Ooh... Badass!Puppy

69. GoAhead,MakeMyDay!Puppy

70. A lil bitchface for Meg...

71. Puppy! Nooooo!  Now he's officially Limp!Puppy

72. Aw... *strokes the suddenly-once-again-overgrown PuppyMop*

73. Yep, we fangirls will take very good care of him ;)

74. Defiant(though still Limp)!Puppy, workin' the bitchface

75. Poor hurt Puppy :(

76. *administers generous amount of TLC*

77. Hey, that's supposed to be OUR job, dammit! *glares at Meg* A bitchface for you!

78. And another! Go, Puppy!

79. Aww... Limp!Puppy sees his daddy and looks sad

80. Puppy looks almost ashamed to be Limp in front of Daddy

81. At least Meg and the daevas spared the pretty PuppyEyes™ ...

82. Aw..... Puppy/Daddy hug with Puppy trying to hold back tears

83. What?!! Daddy can't go! Puppy missed Daddy. Puppy *needs* Daddy!!! Noooo!

84.  Looks like he understands now. But still pleading one last time with the PuppyEyes(TM) for Daddy to stay

85. But, no, Daddy insists he must leave.  Poor Puppy. He's gonna cry. *hugs him*

86. *pets*

87. *pets some more*

88. And so Puppy watches Daddy, drive off into the, moonlight.  But all is not lost, Puppy. You will get to see Daddy again rather soon.  Like, in 4 more episodes.

Bitchface count: 5 (mostly at Meg)
Facial Shrugs: 0 (!!)

Hope today's Puppy pics made you smile. :) On Wednesday Puppy will be back in #1x17 Hell House as Prank!Puppy. ;) ETA 9/27/10: Hope to get this one up by Wed., but I'm also planning on getting the newest installment - from the S6 premiere - posted by then. Don't think I can post them both in the same day, so this one may have to wait till Thurs or Fri. Either way it's forthcoming!
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