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Puppy!Sam Picspam #17 (Supernatural)

Hey guys, sorry I'm a little late with this.  I wasn't feeling too well this morning.  But I'm here now to bring you

Episode #1x17: Hell House

Almost 100 images, so not dial-up friendly. If you see anything you like, please feel free to take.

1. Aw, sleepy Puppy. What's the "166" above his head? Maybe he is counting numbers instead of sheep in his sleep...

2. What could be more precious than a sweet slumbering puppy?

2. Aw... looks like Dean's given him a new chew toy

3. What? Puppy didn't like the toy?

3. Puppy is *not* happy.  Dean, however, clearly is. Tee hee...

4. "Huh? Oh, Hai, fangirls..." Yep, someone is here to calm Puppy down, alright ;)

5. But first, he's gotta get one more bitchface in...

6. Aw, Nair attack on the PuppyHair?? How could you, Dean?! *glares* The memory causes Puppy to bitchface

7. Huh, the fangirls seem to have disappeared... Puppy's confuzzled and disappointed (heh, but don't worry, we haven't gone anywhere... we're just hiding out under the seat till the argument subsides ;D)

8. Awww, Pouty!Puppy... okay, hon, we're coming...

9. Feel better now? ;)

10. "*clears throat* Much better, thanks."

11. Back to Dean... one look at the PuppyEyes™ and Dean is on his best behavior once again

12. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

13. Hee... he looks so dazed here

14. Amused!Puppy

15. Puppy looks a little tired... looks like he wants to go back to his Puppy Nap...

16. Skeptical!Puppy

17. Facial Shrug Alert!

18. Puppy seems mildly interested in Craig's merchandise for sale... though he really wants to visit the pet store next door and get some PuppyTreats

19. Dean brings out the big guns when visiting Craig... a Puppy! That'll get him to come clean... no one can resist the Puppy :D

20. Curious!Puppy

21. Facial Shrug #2!

22. Puppy is just captivated by Craig's tale

23. DAYUM, what I would give to have a puppy stare at me like this

24. Yuck, what a crummy day... but still, Puppy needs his walkies...

25. Professor Puppy explains to us all about sigils... *nibbles PuppyNeck again*

26. Oh noes!! *shields the pretty PuppyEyes™ from the way too bright light*

27. WTF?Puppy

28. AreYouSerious?Puppy (meeting the Hellhounds guys, of course)

29. Puppy plays dumb

30. Facial Shrug #3!

31. Facial Shrug #4!

32. Puppy derives much amusement from Ed and Harry

33. It's the  Curious!Puppy Head Tilt :D

34. Facial Shrug #5!

35. Puppy's kinda confused now...

36. Hee! He's really biting his PuppyLip to keep from laughing

37. “You might wanna check this out, Dean... 'The Care And Feeding Of Puppies'...”

38. Puppy's "You Know I'm Right" face

39. Puppy's up to something... naughty Puppy

40. Dimple Alert! :D

41. Puppy PWNS.

42. *Totally* (he knows he is Top Dog ;))

43. Puppy is majorly shocked

44. *pets ... just 'cause*

45. Night has fallen, but they need to be more discreet since the cops are still around. In lieu of flashlights, the PuppyEyes™ light the way

46. Dean's insistence on childish behavior makes Puppy bitchface

47. ZOMG!Puppy

48. Research!Puppy

49. Puppy is ticked off

50. Yep, bit o' bitchface for Dean :D

51. Frustrated!Puppy

52. Oh, wait ...

53. Enthralled!Puppy

54. Fangirl alert!

55. Puppy doesn't even try to hide his disappointment in Craig

56. Hellooooooo, Puppy!!!

57. Facial Shrug #6!

58. *stares*

59. Oh, my...... I am quite liking this Towel!Puppy

60. Come on, just slip a little lower......... *dies*

61. Come on, come on...

62. D'OH!! His clothes are back on :( Hmmm... *makes note of motel room number and files for later*

63. Ooh, PuppySmirk

64. *iz sad that his clothes are back on*  Though I do love Excited!Puppy as well

65. He should get excited more often

66. Puppy's uncomfortable

67. It doesn't show, does it?  (on another note, I wonder if he used a different shampoo when he took that shower. The PuppyMop looks fluffier. That to me is a good thing. ;))

68.  Puppy's "See? I AM Right" face

69. Uncomfortable again...

70. Dean's gotta have something to do with this. Maybe flashing the PuppyEyes™ at him will get him to confess?

71. Aw... does that itch need scratching, Puppy?

72. Oh, Dean is SO dead now... he'll show him. He's getting a lethal dose of the PuppyEyes™ later!

73. Dammit, Dean left before he could properly bitchface him!

74. Using the PuppyEyes™ on Ed and Harry to get them to shut down their website

75. Oh, Puppy is so not amused... he's workin' the Bitchface!

76. Ooh, now the PuppyEyes™ are even bitchfacing Dean!

77. Wow, he really is basking in the glow of the bitchface here

78. Perhaps he's gone too far with the bitchfacing now, so he offers a truce

79. Although he seems to have something else up his sleeve now...

80. Yay!! Entertained!Puppy!

81. Puppy PWNS... again!!

82. With some bonus tongue'age!

83. ......... okay, I had a point somewhere, but........ yeah, it's gone... *g*

84. Puppy bitchfaces Ed and Harry for scaring him

85. Puppy's looking a little tired after that first appearance of Mordechai

86. A little bitchface for Mordechai

87. You know the drill... Puppy! Noooooo!

88. Puppy is shocked to learn that Dean is a pyromaniac

89. I love the way he squints after saying that line (about how it makes you wonder after all the things they hunted how many existed because people believed in them)

90. Lounging!Puppy.... just waiting for the fangirls to arrive...

91. Kind of hard to see... but Facial Shrug #7!

92. Puppy tries to look as innocent as possible when saying goodbye to Ed and Harry

93. Facial Shrug #8!

94.  Oops... looks like he can't hold back any longer (and neither can Dean)

95. Tsk... naughty Puppy!

96. Puppy is quite impressed with Dean's choice of prank on the two unsuspecting "ghost hunters" (and omg he looks so young here!)

97. Awww, PuppyLaughter FTW!

98. Aww... Puppy wants to make up.  How sweet. :D

That's it for today.  On Friday I'll have #1x18 Something Wicked, where we'll see some Munchkin!Puppy as well as Sympathetic!Puppy. Have a good day, everyone. :)
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