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Puppy!Sam Picspam #18 (Supernatural)

Happy Friday everyone. I know many of us are still reeling from the finale last night (*sigh*) but I have a little something that I hope cheers you up (and there is even some Dean in it).

Episode #1x18: Something Wicked

Not dial-up friendly.  If you see anything you like, please take. :)

1. Hi, Puppy! Hi, PuppyDimple!

2. Fangirl under the seat!

3. First documented use of the PuppyEyes™ in this episode

4. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

5. *licks PuppyDimple*

6. Kissy, Puppy? Okay... come here...

7. Puppy hates when Dean plays the age card.

8. Puppy has connived Dean with the PuppyKewtness to fetch him the PuppyBeverage of his choice

9. Puppy wishes he was small again so he could play on the monkey bars...

10. Puppy can't believe Dean had "Snoopy" put on his ID card. Dean is naturally amused.

11. You really shouldn't manhandle the puppy, Dean...looks like he's warming up a bitchface

12. Puppy caught off guard...

13. ... For a split second til he turns on the Puppy Charm

"Hi! I'm Snoop- uh, Dr. Snoop... um....Dr. Jerry Kaplan, CDC..."

15. Ooh, here comes the bitchface...

16. Another view! *g*

17. “Heh... lucky girl getting to provide a hot kewt Puppy with assistance...”

18. Wow, the Puppy Charm is turned up to an 11...

19. "Still kewt?"

20. Puppy Bitchface alert!

21. Whoa! If bitchfaces could kill...

22. *nibbles PuppyNeck.... loosens tie*

23. It's Puppy's “Let's-Hurry-Up-And-Do-This-So-I-Can-Get-My-Walkies!” face

24. Dr., Dr. Kaplan and his colleague, Dr. Feelgood (sorry, Dean) are confused

25. Dean needs some convincing- I mean, PuppyEyes™

26. Their investigation proves fruitless... Puppy attempts to stifle a bitchface

27. Hey, it's Munchkin!Puppy! Hi, Sweetie!

28. Grumpy!MunchkinPuppy?

29. Back in realtime... Fangirl Alert! Heh ;D

30. Awww, poor Puppy has to wait outside :( Don't worry boy, we'll be right there to keep you company!

31. Hm, first documented use of the PuppyEyes™ at any time?

32. A cutie then...

33. ... And now

34. Aw, cute Puppy on research duty :)

35. Hee! I'm just realizing now how appropriate Puppy's shirt is ;)

36. Puppy can't believe Dean just said that

37. PuppySmirk! *dies*

38. Puppy's so cute when he sneaks around

39. Puppy's wondering if he can get that door open with only the magic of the PuppyEyes™

40. Nervous!Puppy

41. Puppy is slightly confused by the sleeping old lady

42. ...And she wakes up, totally freaking out the PuppyEyes™

43. Aw, TotallyAmused!Puppy

44. Awww, bless :)

45. Sympathetic!Puppy

46. Dean: “Don't worry, Michael. The big puppy here will keep you company while we're gone.” Lucky Michael...

47. Research!Puppy

48. Puppy is so captivated by what he's found (and I'm so captivated staring at his sweet PuppyFace)

49. Puppy is not happy that that nasty doctor/shtriga hoodwinked them

50. And now he's not happy that Dean wants to use Michael as bait..... Puppy is cute when he's not happy

51. How is it your fault, Dean? The PuppyEyes™ demand answers!

52. Aw...Slumber!Munchkin!Puppy

53. Munchkin!Puppy! Noooooo! :(

54. *pets the little puppy*

55. Puppy is sympathetic. Again.

56. Yeah, I don't have a caption for this one... but he looks so sweet here

57. Aw... Puppy is touched by Dean's devotion

58. Puppy on guard

59. Heh...ChickFlickMoment!Puppy

60. Aww... PuppyDimples!

61. Puppy looks uncomfortable

62. Go, Puppy! Get that shtriga away from Dean!

63. Oops...

64. Oh, no...

65. Puppy! Noooo! *can't bear to look*

66. Big brother to the rescue! *phew*

67. Puppy's okay! Looks like he needs a nap, though

68. PuppySmirk!

69. Aw, PuppyGrin as they say goodbye to Joanna and Michael

70. Oh... cue Heart-to-Heart Puppy Talk

71. PuppyTongue!

72. Puppy looks a little sad... *pets puppy*

73. I think it worked! He looks happy again :D *hugs Puppy*

Bitchfaces: 4
Facial Shrugs: 0 (!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Puppy will return on Monday in #1x19 Provenance as Flirty!Puppy :)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester
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