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I Hear It's Your Birthday... (and other stuff)

aminuleen  !!!  I hope you have a great day! :)

Um... in other news... saw Sarah Jane Adventures and Dr. Who on Friday...

First, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Pt. 2...

Picking up where Pt. 1 left off.  So it turns out that Andrea Yates (Sarah Jane's friend) was scared to die and was called out to by that weird cloaked monster/alien thing that all she has to do is agree or say Yes and he'll make it so she'll live.  So that puts Sarah Jane in her position.  She was angry with Maria because Maria made her remember.  I was glad that she (Andrea) decided to let go and sacrifice herself because Sarah Jane is the only one who can stop that meteor from hitting Earth.

So Maria's father apparently knows what kind of things they tangle with now.  Hmm...this should be interesting.

Next, The Lost Boy, Pt. 1

Oh dear... Maria's father doesn't want her to have anything to do with Sarah Jane.  He wants to pick up and move.  So, what's all this about a missing boy named Ashley looking just like Luke?  SJ has Mr. Smith run an analysis on him and it turns out he's a match with the missing boy? Hmm, something's not right here...  Poor SJ.  Not wanting any of those kids to be around her.  And shame on Maria's mother for calling the police on her like that.  You can tell something is up by the way that family locks Luke in the room like that. 

Poor SJ decides to get herself involved in something else so she can't think about the kids anymore.  That institute (dang...can't remember the name of it) with the little boy genius. Wow, what a brat.  Something is very fishy about this whole thing.  Even Clyde thinks so.  With that picture of Luke/Ashley and the "parents" on his birthday.  Good on him for realizing that photo is a fake. 

So it turns out the family is Slitheen, and that bratty little boy is one of them.  Figured something had to be up there. 

But Mr. Smith was helping them out?? Okay, I knew something strange was going on with him, but I didn't quite expect that.  What's happening to Clyde now?  And of course this is the perfect evil cliffhanger to leave us on.  Tsk.  Can't wait to find out what happens next week.

Oh, boy... what to say about this one...

It was pretty cool seeing Martha back.  But what is going on? There is an assault on Earth by aliens? War/battle going on?  People being arrested because I'm assuming they could be aliens or sympathetic to the aliens?

Thought Donna's comment about it being like Guantanamo Bay was kind of silly.  Didn't quite fit to me.  But then again maybe she's supposed to be portrayed that way? As in not being totally up on things that are going on?  Like I said last week, I don't like getting preachy messages (even if they try to hide them) in my TV viewing.  If producers/writers/directors/actors/etc. have an ax to grind, I wish they'd keep it to themselves and not try to spoil my viewing pleasure.  I dunno, maybe they thought it would sound more "topical" if they added that reference in there.  But IMHO I think a reference to WWII like the Holocaust or the Soviet Empire would have fit better with what Donna was actually commenting on.  I guess that's too far back in the past to work, though. *shakes head*

Sorry for that little rant. I hope I haven't pissed anyone off. I read into these things way too much I guess and I shouldn't let it bother me.

Anyway, those Sontarans are pretty creepy.  And it's probably just me, but the head guy (can't remember his name...General Staal maybe?)'s voice reminded me of John Cleese a little, LOL.  Oh, speaking of Monty Python, I liked that little reference they inserted when Donna went back home and mentioned something about traveling.  Her mother made some comment like "going Michael Palin, are you?" *grin*

That "embryo" they had stored in the vat with the umbilical cord coming out of its back was pretty icky. And it turned out later to be a clone for Martha? Eek....

And how about that spoiled kid who's helping the Sontarans? Wonder what will happen to him?  The whole thing about the navigation systems in the cars trying to kill people is scary.  Glad I don't have one of those things in my car, lol

So how is the Doctor going to be able to solve this one? I guess we'll find out next week.

Boring day here.  Day started off nice and sunny, now it's growing overcast and there is a chance of thunderstorms.  I will probably be doing multi-fandom stuff today.  As far as Stargate goes, I am working on a short one-shot for the Sam/Daniel-Thon.  My muse is finally back on track and it's such a great feeling.  I'm about halfway done with the story, maybe a little more.  Going to send back to my beta soon.  On the Supernatural side, I'll probably do more screen capping today as well... seems like the perfect day for it.  I'm almost halfway through season 2 with the caps so coming along pretty well.  I should actually have my mood theme done soon (*gasp*). And tomorrow will be another Puppy!Sam picspam.

Hope you all had a nice weekend. :)
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