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Puppy!Sam Picspam #19 (Supernatural)

Well it's a Monday and I think we still need some kind of distraction/cheering up after the finale, so hopefully I will be successful in that with this...

Episode #1x19: Provenance

Not dial-up friendly. If you see anything you like you are welcome to take.

1. Hiya, Puppy. You look a little down. Can I cheer you up?

2. “Ooh, sale on PuppyTreats at PetsMart this week... must tell Dean...”

3. The PuppyEyes™ command Dean's attention to this very noteworthy news item...

4. *ruffles the PuppyMop*

5. Puppy thinks it's only fair that *he* gets a girl interested in him this time around

6. Oh yeah, fangirl under the table at this very moment...

7. That was great but back to business at hand... using the PuppyEyes
to persuade Dean on the purchase of PuppyTreats...

8. Yay! Dean's decided to take him up on the PuppyTreats offer! Puppy tries to contain his excitement...

9. Hey Puppy! Oh, what I would give for some Puppy to randomly come up to me while I'm sitting idly in my car...

10. Playful!Puppy has fun scaring the crap out of Dean

11. Ooh, Dean's escapades last night make Puppy bitchface

12. But let's get serious now. Dean has to be convinced to do something, so Puppy now has to break out the..... yes, you guessed it ;)

13. Using the PuppyEyes
and cute PuppyFace to convince Daniel Blake they're art dealers

14. Puppy is just appalled by Dean's behavior!

15. Yep, he's totally bitchfacing him!

16. Yet he attempts to cover it up by slapping on a disarming PuppyGrin...

17. But wait... he has to sneak in one more bitchface... ;)

18. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

19. Scary painting intrigues the heck out of ArtCritic!Puppy

20. A girl flirting with him has caught Puppy off-guard

21. And now he attempts to flirt back (while thinking, "could I actually be the one to get lucky this episode?")

22. Aww.... (oh he LIKES that thought!)

23. Facial Shrug Alert!

24. Puppy finds Dean's malapropisms amusing

25. Hoping the PuppyEyes
will convince the waiter to knock off 20% of their bill

26. Puppy is still in shock that it's finally his turn to get the girl

27. Facial Shrug #2!

28. Puppy is embarrassed that he doesn't grasp the concept of a wine list

29. Aw... Bashful!Puppy

30. Getting better at that flirty thing...

31. Work it, Puppy!

32. *melts into a puddle of goo while mumbling unintelligible things*

33. Yep, Puppy's sexy and he knows it

34. Facial Shrug #3!

35. *nibbles PuppyNeck... again*

36. Facial Shrug #4!

37. Puppy can tell Dean is jealous

38. And now he's shocked by Dean's carelessness

39. It's the Confuzzled!Puppy Head Tilt :D

40. PuppyDimples!


42. Using the PuppyEyes
to convince Sarah to have some fun not sell that painting

43. Hm, does Puppy need a little trim here?

44. He's got the whole combination working here... PuppyEyes
, PuppyMole, little PuppySmile, PuppyMop, PuppyHoodie... *happy sigh*

45. See, he has such a good way of getting information out of people...

46. Puppy is pissed at Dean's attempt to play matchmaker

47. "You don't think I can get a girl on my own??  You *know* how effective these eyes are!" *points to eyes*

48. Yep, Puppy is not happy at all...

49. Aw... SadandWistful!Puppy

50. "Hey, Sarah. So you're not gonna sell that painting, right?" Hm... the PuppyEyes
don't seem to work too well over the phone...

51. Puppy really doesn't want to, but he conveys with the PuppyEyes
how disappointed he is in Sarah right now

52. But he tries to look sympathetic as well, because he doesn't want to blow his chance at actually getting the girl this episode

53. He's doing it again...managing to look *so* young... And I love that shirt. Hm... I shall christen it "PuppyShirt". *grin*

54. Puppy's overcome by a sense of impending dread

55. Puppy hears voices in the painting?

56. *pets the fast growing PuppyMop*

57. Awww, Puppy.....

58. It seemed to work so well last time, so Puppy tries flirting again

59. Too precious for words!!

60. Tsk...why must Dean keep embarrassing Puppy? He's sure they can provide their own makeout music...

61. Nervous!Puppy

62. Ooh, bitchface for Melanie Merchant's disembodied laugh!

63. Poor scared Puppy... *protects him*

64. Ooh... PissedOff!Puppy defending Sarah from the evil little ghost girl

65. Melanie Merchant is starting to freak Puppy out

66. "Dean! She won't let up and my secret weapon [aka PuppyEyes
] isn't working! What do I do??"

67. Puppy! Noooooo!!

68. Oh, to be Sarah here...

69. D'aww... Cute!Awkward!Puppy :D

70. Aw... Puppy is so sad that he has to say goodbye...

71. PuppyKiss! Lucky Sarah... *grumble*


Bitchface count: 5
Facial Shrugs: 4

And that's it for today.  Stay tuned until Wednesday for VampireHunting!Puppy in #1x20 Dead Man's Blood. Hope you all havea  great day. :)
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