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Puppy!Sam Picspam #20 (Supernatural)

Happy Hump Day, all. :)  Here to greet you once again is

Episode #1x20: Dead Man's Blood

Not very dial-up friendly. See something you like? By all means, please take. :)

1. Oh look, Puppy's doing research again. Hi, Puppy! Mind looking up from that for just a minute?

2. No? Okay, we'll find another way, then... ;)

3. “Why yes, Dean, there ARE fangirls under the table at this very moment... *iz smug*”

4. PuppyDimples!

5. *ruffles pretty PuppyMop*

6. “Anyway... looks like PetsMart is having a sale on PuppyTreats.... let's see what the nearest location is......”

7. Surprised!Puppy

8. Puppy seems a bit nervous about investigating creepy, possibly haunted cabins...

9. “ZOMG! These look like PuppyTreats crumbs!” Guess Puppy's found something *g*

10. Could there be any more?

11. Facial Shrug Alert!

12. Puppy's found an old treasure map!! Ew, but those blood stains don't look too good...

13. Aw, look how eager Puppy looks! That's because Dean's promised to take him for a walk as soon as he's done retrieving the mail

14. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

15. Puppy is shocked to see his daddy!

16. Yep, the PuppyEyes™ are suitably freaked out

17. Sleeping!Puppy

18. Uh, yeah....... hang on, I'll be back in a second... or so.... ;)

19. Really... I promise..... ;D

20. *nibbles PuppyNeck... again*

21. Skeptical!Puppy

22. Puppy assumes a challenging stance.  This can't be good...

23. Puppy is amused (and probably somewhat relieved, heh) that Dean is getting picked on for once

24. Grumpy!Puppy... come on sweetie, turn that frown upside down!

25, Puppy thinks it's so unfair that Dean takes Daddy's side

26. And tries to get him to come over to his side with the PuppyEyes

27. Guess it didn't work... Puppy looks defeated

28. The very idea of following Daddy's orders makes Puppy bitchface

29. Although...he is cute when he's pissed

30. Oh boy, this can't be good... he's turned the bitchface up a notch...

31. Uh oh...

32. FeelMahBitchfaceWrath,Daddy!Puppy

33. Dayum, who ever thought a bitchface could be so hot...

34. "Put the bitchface away, Son. You know that doesn't work on me..."

35. Oh boy... Puppy growls and bares his claws

36. Dean: “Come on, Sammy, give it up...” Puppy: “No, Dean. Mr. Bitchface isn't done yet...”

37. A veritable Parade of Bitchfaces...

38. Ooh, Bitchface Deluxe!

39. YOU'RETheOneWhoKickedThePuppy,Biatch!Puppy

40. *tsk* Temper temper, Puppy.  Anything we can do to calm you down? There's a whole lot of us who would be happy to do it...

41. I think they need better camouflage ... it's very easy to make out the kewt Puppy behind all that brush...

42. Need some help with that... um... gear, Puppy? *g*

43. *stares longingly at the ever-so-slightly windblown PuppyMop*

44. Thoughtful!Puppy

45. Puppy's a little nervous sneaking around vampire hideouts

46. Although... what has got those PuppyEyes™ so mesmerized?

47. GoodSamaritan!Puppy tries to free the girl

48. Oops, guess she doesn't want to be freed (but who wouldn't want to be freed by a cute lil puppy? Something wrong with that girl...)

49. Sorry, Puppy.

50. Fangirl Alert :D

51. Puppy is somewhat confused by Daddy's story

52. Aw... but he tries a sad little smile, *pets Puppy*

53. Awww, don't cry, Puppy :( *huggles*

54. Now he looks a little guilty...

55. PuppyLaughter FTW!!

56. Dimple Alert!!'s so good to see you smiling again, Puppy

57. Puppy with a new toy

58. Uh oh, Puppy's getting testy again confronting Daddy

59. Naughty Puppy... *tsk*

60. But he's still cute

61. And now he seems conflicted

62. Poor Puppy looks rather tired now... *pets*

63. Ouch...poor Puppy

64. Puppy! Noooo! (huh, so many of these monsters have a real PuppyNeck fetish, don't they)

65. Daddy (off screen) to the rescue!

66. Even splattered with blood he looks good

67. Despite their earlier differences, Puppy still stands at attention when Daddy talks

68. Puppy looks concerned

69. And now Puppy is happy that they're all going to work together! Yay!!

Bitchface count: 9
Facial Shrugs: 1 (seems this episode was more about the bitchface... lol)

Puppy will be back on Friday in #1x21 Salvation as ScaryVision!Puppy.  Until then, have a great day everyone. :)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester
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