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Puppy!Sam Picspam #21 (Supernatural)

Yay, the weekend is finally upon us. And someone is here to help us celebrate...

Episode #1x21: Salvation

Over 40 70 images so not dial-up friendly.  Same as before...see anything you like, please take. Some of the lighting isn't so great in a few of these, but I tried to fix it as much as I could.

1. Howdy, Puppy... lookin' good :)

2. *pets PuppyMop*

3. Aw, Puppy looks a bit uneasy

4. Defiant!Puppy

5. And now kind of scared...

6. Uh oh, Puppy's not liking what Daddy has to say

7. YouSayin'I'mMarked,Biatch?!Puppy

8. REALLY not liking...

9. And the first bitchface of the day goes to Dean...

10. ... which is abruptly halted by Daddy... Puppy: “Aw, but Daddy, I was in the middle of a good bitchface...”

11. Helpless!Puppy :(

12. Those PuppyEyes
look so sad and longing.... *pets Puppy*

13. *huggles*

14. Model!Puppy workin' it for the camera :D

15. Puppy is shocked concerning Pastor Jim's fate

16. ...And now sad. *hugs Puppy*

17. Look at that slightly windblown, damp PuppyHair...  *fetches towel*

18. Oh, the lucky nurse that gets to help out a kewt puppy...

19. Fangirl under the table! ;D

20. Puppy on research detail again

21. "At last it's mine...I've always been so curious about it..." Puppy's reading Dean's Little Black Book! Noooooo!!

22. Ow! Brain freeze! Puppy shouldn't have eaten all that ice cream so fast!

23. “Ooooh... Fangirls? Little help, plz?” Aww, we'll be right there, hon... *gathers First Aid Kit and massage oils*

24. Wow, the pain was so bad it's causing Puppy to bitchface

25. I know it's not the best time, but ... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

26. Awww... won't anyone help out this poor lost little puppy?

27. Hmm... Excedrin Headache #43?

28. Oops, here comes someone... better turn on the PuppyCharm!

29. "Hi! I'm here to deliver a Puppy-Gram..."

30. "What? You didn't order one? Well, I can't take it back, so......... Hi!" 

31. Aw... he's such a cute, eager little Puppy... And are those PuppyDimples I see peeking out?

32. Gah!!! Puppy, stop this! You're killing me with cuteness again! I have to say the PuppyMop is really working for him here as well...

33. Aw...Worried!Puppy about Monica and Rosie...

34. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

35. Puppy's visions are really making him uncomfortable

36. "Hello.... Yes, this is Puppy..... Who? My 'secret admirer'?? I have one of those? Wow... I don't know what to say..."

37. Facial Shrug Alert!

38. Turns out the 'secret admirer' is really Demon!Meg... Puppy bitchfaces her through the phone

39. Puppy is disappointed that it was only Demon!Meg pretending to be his secret admirer... Aw, don't feel sad, Puppy. You really do have lots of.... not-so-secret admirers... *grin*

40. Heh, cool aerial shot of the PuppyMop! :D

41. "Kewt Puppy fears for your safety, Daddy." *PuppyEyes™*

42. D'awwww, Daddy gives Puppy a loving pet! :)

43. Facial Shrug #2!

44. Facial Shrug #3

45. Stakeout!Puppy is extremely concerned for Daddy. 

46. Puppy waxes poetic on what tonight's outcome may be, much to Dean's dismay

47. Facial Shrug #4!

48. Watchdog!Puppy

49. And here we see the large, steadfast, but ever-so-cute Puppy stalking the elusive YED...

50. Scared!Puppy  *pets*

51. Puppy a bit nervous during his moment to shine... come on, Puppy, kill that evil SOB!

52. YouDieToday,Biatch!Puppy with an extreme bitchface ... Atta boy!

53. Husband of Monica, you really don't wanna be kicking the Puppy, kthx

54. Tired!Puppy...

55. ...Morphs into Vindictive!Puppy

56. Sorry, Puppy. We want you in one piece and NOT extra crispy...

57. Hm... Brooding!Puppy?

58. *grin* He looks like a defiant little boy here :D

59. Puppy tries to make Dean see his POV with the PuppyEyes™

60. PissedOff!Puppy

61. He bares his PuppyTeeth and snarls

62. Puppy is frustrated that Dean doesn't seem to understand how invested he is in this cause...

63. So he tries to MAKE him understand via the PuppyEyes™... even though Dean is testing his patience

64. Uh oh, he's at the tipping point.... flaring the PuppyNostrils...

65, Ooh... Puppy explodes in anger!

66. he feels bad...

67. *pets puppy*

68. Now he's back to being scared for Daddy...

69. Aw, see how young and vulnerable he looks....

70. To Be Continued!Puppy

Hope you enjoyed this one. :)  Puppy will be continued on Monday as Exorcism!Puppy/Devoted!Puppy.  I may be posting that one a bit late on Monday though, as it's a holiday and I will have friends visiting. But I will try to get it up by that evening at least.
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