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Puppy!Sam Picspam #22 (Supernatural)

Sorry I'm a bit late with this one. Had friends visiting and then was in a very blue mood. But I'm feeling better now (Puppy just has that certain something...) so here we go

Episode #1x22: Devil's Trap

As before, not dial-up friendly, and if you see anything you like, please take. :)

1. Previously on Puppy!Sam picspam...

2. Puppy is scared that Daddy may be in danger...

3. Incredulous!Puppy

4. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

5. PissedOff!Puppy

6. I know it's not the right time, but ... *licks PuppyDimple*

7. Poor stressed out Puppy asks for a kissy... awww

8. Aw... Worried!Puppy

9. *pets*

10. “Huh... 'The Care And Feeding of Puppies' ... Dean, you should take a look at this...”

11. Puppy's quite impressed with Bobby's reading material

12. Ooh, pretty PuppyLashes :D

13. A bit fuzzy, but still... awww...

14. Now he's using the PuppyEyes™ on Bobby... he *so* wants to be the one to send Meg to hell

15. Aw... Puppy protecting Bobby

16. Deadly bitchface for Meg

17. Perhaps Puppy can kill Meg with cuteness...

18. Nope, she seems to be immune... darnit. Puppy is clearly *not* happy. He gives Meg another bitchface

19. Puppy's a little uneasy with Dean going so rough on her

20. Yet all he can do is watch... in his helpless Puppy way

21. Wow, he's so stone-faced... yet still cute.

22. Bzuh?Puppy

23. Puppy is uneasy... after all, the PuppyEyes™ didn't work... but Dean insists and so he must try again

24. “Kill me? Noooo, I'm just a kewt, innocent puppy :(“

25. Exorcist!Puppy

26. Aw, Meg's lies about Daddy are upsetting Puppy

27. Conflicted!Puppy

28. Hey! Puppy! Down here... *waves*

29. Aww, he looks a bit nervous... like, ".... Did it work?"

30. Aw...dying Meg makes Puppy cry

31. Let's see that again..... Aww... *pets Puppy*

32. Whatcha doing, Puppy? Need some company? :D

33. Concerned!Puppy

34. Artist!Puppy. Dean does not approve.

35. “Come on, Dean. It's a limited edition. Artwork by Puppy. For free. How can you refuse?”

36. Puppy's getting rather ticked off...

37. And yet he still wants a kissy...

38. LIEKOMGWTFIsYourProblem?!!Puppy

39. And now he's rather disappointed in Dean.

40. Gotta take a quick break to give Puppy his walkies...

41. Sneaky!Puppy... looks at how he moseys on inside

42. Hee hee... PuppyMop looks a bit frazzled....  Move along, nothing to see here. Just a cute little puppy up to no good...

43. “Nothing to see here, really, see, kewt PuppyEyes™ of Innocence, nothing at all to see, move along...”

44. Aw... kewt Puppy poking his head 'round the corner...

45. “Hm... wonder if there are any PuppyTreats in here...” Hon, do you really think you should be thinking about that now??

46. Aw... Puppy missed his Daddy

47. He's so cute as he attempts to wake Daddy up

48. And is delightfully surprised to see that Daddy is apparently not possessed

49. Ummm....... where was I again? ........ *g*

50. ZOMG, Puppy, look out!!

51. Puppy! Nooooo!!

52. Big brother to the rescue!

53. I love this pic... I know poor Puppy is all bruised and battered, but it still gives me the fuzzies :D

54. *lovingly strokes PuppyMop*

55. Aw, Puppy is trying, in his sweet Puppy way, to thank Dean for saving his life back there

56. *hugs*

57. *wants to nurse Puppy's eye*

58. Puppy just doesn't understand Dean's mistrust of Daddy

59. But then grows skeptical himself...something's just not right about Daddy

60. Restrained!Puppy is majorly pissed off that he was fooled for so long... a bitchface for YED!Daddy

61. Again, I know it's not the right time, but ... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

62. Puppy listens in disgust to YED!Daddy's taunts and gives him another bitchface

63. Ooh, he's going for a Bitchface of Epicness

64. Major bitchface whoop-ass unleashed on YED!Daddy *nods*

65. And then watches in horror as YED!Daddy focuses his attention on Dean in a not-so-pleasant way

66. Puppy wrestles against YED!Daddy's hold on him. Alas, he does not possess the strength needed to transform into PsychicBoy!Puppy

67. Aw... watching Dean suffer is hurting Puppy so much... *rescues him* *then pets him*


69. Finally.... Oh, and now Daddy wants Puppy to shoot him.  Puppy doesn't want to have to make such a decision...

70. Awww...

71.  Poor Puppy... it has not been his day at all...

72. Yep, the PuppyEyes™ are just exhausted...

73. *looks off to right* Uh oh... Puppy, remember your defensive driving skills!! *can't bear to watch*

74. Noooooooooo!! :(

That's it today. Wednesday shall begin season 2 with #2x01: In My Time of Dying, where Puppy will be back again as Sad/Devoted!Puppy.  Hope everyone has had a nice day. :) And sorry again for posting this so late. If it wasn't for the holiday I would have posted it sooner.
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